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20 September 2010

Serious Security Allegations at Cairo Airport

On occasion, we receive information that is so potentially serious that we feel compelled to make our audience aware of it as quickly as possible. The following information was provided by a passenger who witnessed what appeared to be a clear violation of fundamental security procedures.

Location: Cairo International Airport
Date: 19 September 2010
Airline: EgyptAir
Flight: MS914, 1030 hrs, Gate G08

Whilst waiting to board an Egyptair flight from Cairo to Abu Dhabi I witnessed the x-ray machine operator accept cash from passengers to carry on board items which are not permitted. Every time he saw something on his machine he asked the passenger to open the bag and he would remove items, I saw aerosols, scissors, lighters and ligter fuel and much more, then a coversation would ensue, on at least 10 occassions money changed hands and the items were placed back in the luggage.

As if this wasn't bad enough the guard operating the metal detector noticed my intent interest in what was going on and 'invited me to move to a different part of the departure lounge' I guess he gets his share later. I for one will not be flying this airline again.

Name withheld by request

If you were on this flight, or have seen similar problems at this airport or with this airline, please share your experiences with us.