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30 July 2013

Understaffed US Airways means more business for Delta

Date: 15 March 2012
Airline: US Airways
Location: Jackson, MS
Flight: 2526

Online materials printed after online check-in were not considered valid boarding passes by TSA.  TSA then refused passage to the gate after a 15 minute wait in line at Jackson - Evers International Airport, Jackson, MS.

I presented myself to kiosk at ticket counter but kiosk was locked out at 30 minutes prior to flight. With 25 minutes left until flight, ALL TICKET AGENTS went to the gate. NONE of the agents would return to the ticket counter until AFTER the flight had left, even though there was still 25 minutes left before the flight. There were NO ticket agents available. ALL COMPETING AIRLINE TICKET COUNTERS HAD MORE THAN 3 TICKETING AGENTS AVAILABLE. There was no way to check for following flight since the flight scheduled was at 0551 (AM) and the customer service center was not open.

I bought a ticket on Delta. When the station manager returned with the ticketing agents to the US Airways counter, I was told, "that's our policy, call customer service." This business model is absolutely anti-customer service. The station manager only employs enough personnel to handle either the gate or the ticketing counter but not both. Any problems within 30 minutes of flight means that the customer cannot resolve that problem in time to make that flight.  Luckily I was able to rely on Delta for my urgent business needs.

28 July 2013

Request for hot water leads to a cold shoulder

Date: 13 July 2013
Airline: United Airlines
Location: San Francisco, CA
Flight: UA1268 (San Francisco, CA to Houston, TX)

The worst in flight service 2 women (1 African older lady & 1 American older lady that work in the Economy class). The flight UA1268 Departed July 13, 2013 @ 10:41am going to Houston, TX , I'm sitting in the Economy class during the flight.

I went in the back to ask if I could have some hot water for my Cup Noodles, she turn around and gave me a face that look like don't bother me and didn't like to give me my hot water. I was so surprised, so I walk back to my seat. I try to see if I could see her name tag but she didn't have a name tag, she only had her badge but the badge was facing inward, so I couldn't see her name. So I told my family what had happen, so my brother went up with his cup noodles and ask if he could have some hot water to the African lady she also gave him a face like she didn't like giving us hot water. We all feel very sad that these two ladies didn't like their job and the services they both gave us were BAD and they both don't even smile. I hope they will improve their services in the future.

27 July 2013

Flight delayed because of no flight attendant

Date: 27 July 2013
Airline: Delta Airlines
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Flight: DL1352 (Salt Lake City, UT to Detroit, MI)

Our flight was delayed because a stewardess was pulled from our flight and put on a flight for Albuquerque, New Mexico. No replacement was made and consequently the Captain of the flight announced the problem shortly after the flight was to board.

A search was made for a substitute attendant but this was not done in a timely manner. We were just informed that an attendant should be at the gate by 2:15am! this means our flight will leave around 3:00am arriving in Detroit by 8am. This means a two and half hour delay!! This appears to be very poor management by Delta. This situation could have been avoided if appropriate action was taken as soon as the need for another flight attendant arouse. What procedures are in place for this problem which has impacted on over 140 unhappy passengers?

04 July 2013

American Airlines plane ride turns into bus trip

Date: 28 June 2013
Airline: American Airlines
Location: LAX
Flight: 3626 (LAX to San Diego)

I purchased (suprise) ticket for my wife to fly from Maui, HI to Los Angeles, CA to San Diego, CA. I find out from her that the flight from Maui, HI to Los Angeles, CA was great. However, after arriving in Los Angeles, CA she sits on a plane for 30 minutes and is then told she has to ride a bus to get to San Diego !! What? I paid for her to ride on a plane, made arrangements to be picked up, and this experience cost me more money!

I have called Amercian Airlines and the only answer I got was "sorry". No compensation what so ever! So with this.... is the best option when flying into Los Angeles from Maui, HI is to get a Greyhound bus to San Diego? NOT happy with this issue.

03 July 2013

Delta promises free checked bags but does not deliver

Date: 21 June 2013
Airline: Delta/Alaska Airlines
Flight: 7470

The most disappointing flight I ever had! Before my trip, I called Delta SkyMiles representatives to ask whether I could get a free check-in bag with the Delta Gold credit card. The representative said yes, and encouraged my family to carry bags for free check-in. I gave her my confirmation number and she said my itinerary was eligible for this offer. All the flights on my itinerary had Delta flight numbers.

Then, on my way back, I had Delta flight number, but it was operated by Alaska Air. Then Alaska said I had to pay for check-in bags! This is totally different from what Delta SkyMiles told me. After I came back, I called Delta customer care and asked for refund, they refused to take the responsibility of telling me the wrong information!!! I couldn't believe it.

02 July 2013

Not happy with Spirit Airlines and their inconsistent flight schedules baggage scales

Date: 19 June 2013
Airline: Spirit
Flight: 212
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL to St. Thomas, VI

We were booked to go to St. Thomas on 6/19/13, our flight was to leave at 12:25pm. We left at 4:30pm because they decided to "swap out the plane." So we had to wait until the plane they wanted to swap for our scheduled plane arrived from Atlanta.

While waiting for our flight I observed a Spirit flight to NY cancelled, then re-established, then delayed. Nearly all departing Spirit flights were delayed that afternoon, and there were multiple gate changes. Our return trip was the same, instead of leaving St. Thomas at 4pm, we left about 5:20 because the arriving plane from Tampa was "late." This was after the desk clerk asked me if I would be willing to fly to Miami instead of Ft. Lauderdale. When I asked why, she said that the plane we were scheduled to leave on was late and there were adverse winds.

Well I guess nobody was willing to fly to Miami because our plane was nearly full. I have never seen an airline run in such a haphazard fashion. It appears that everyone is confused, and that changes are instituted at whim, not to mention the fees. Leaving I had to pay extra because my bag was over 40 lbs It was 42 lbs. Upon my return the same bag weighed 6 lbs more after we had purposely taken things out of it. Who says their scales are correct? All this to sit on a plane with approximately 6 inches of room between my 5'4" legs and the seat in front of me, unless of course, I was willing to shell out an extra $50 for a regular seat. This airline is unacceptable.

01 July 2013

Poor coordination between United Airlines and Amtrack

Date: 24 June 2013
Location: Philadelphia, PA (train station)
Airline: United
Flight: UA6661/UA675

My wife and myself,[names redacted], had a pathetic experience traveling from Philadelphia to Seattle on June 24, 2013 on United Airlines. Ref confirmation code [redacted]. It was Flt # UA6661 from ZFW to EWR (train service) and then Flt # 675 from EWR to SEA. We booked through Expedia (Itinerary #[redacted]) and the reason we chose this option was that we were traveling with bags and it seemed very convenient to check in at Philadelphia train station.

With a Flt no. for the train service and indicating franchise operated subsidiary, this expectation seemed very much in line with norms of reason. It turned out at the time of travel that there was no United check in or flight no. at the Philadephia Amtrak train station. We had to carry our luggage (three check in bags) through train stations all the was to Terminal 3 at EWR.

Because of the check in bags we hired a porter service at Philadelphia train station and it turned out to be a saving grace because nowhere on the Amtrak flight system was UA 6661 displayed, which train service we were looking for, and it was because of the porter that we got to the right train. At the time of booking the way the whole thing was presented is tantamount to giving wrong information to the customer.

Had it been mentioned that our flight was from EWR to SEA and we had an Amtrak train connection from Philadelphia Amtrak station to EWR, we would not have opted for this United option and selected a suitable flight option from Philadelphia to Seattle on any airline.