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02 July 2013

Not happy with Spirit Airlines and their inconsistent flight schedules baggage scales

Date: 19 June 2013
Airline: Spirit
Flight: 212
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL to St. Thomas, VI

We were booked to go to St. Thomas on 6/19/13, our flight was to leave at 12:25pm. We left at 4:30pm because they decided to "swap out the plane." So we had to wait until the plane they wanted to swap for our scheduled plane arrived from Atlanta.

While waiting for our flight I observed a Spirit flight to NY cancelled, then re-established, then delayed. Nearly all departing Spirit flights were delayed that afternoon, and there were multiple gate changes. Our return trip was the same, instead of leaving St. Thomas at 4pm, we left about 5:20 because the arriving plane from Tampa was "late." This was after the desk clerk asked me if I would be willing to fly to Miami instead of Ft. Lauderdale. When I asked why, she said that the plane we were scheduled to leave on was late and there were adverse winds.

Well I guess nobody was willing to fly to Miami because our plane was nearly full. I have never seen an airline run in such a haphazard fashion. It appears that everyone is confused, and that changes are instituted at whim, not to mention the fees. Leaving I had to pay extra because my bag was over 40 lbs It was 42 lbs. Upon my return the same bag weighed 6 lbs more after we had purposely taken things out of it. Who says their scales are correct? All this to sit on a plane with approximately 6 inches of room between my 5'4" legs and the seat in front of me, unless of course, I was willing to shell out an extra $50 for a regular seat. This airline is unacceptable.

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