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01 July 2013

Poor coordination between United Airlines and Amtrack

Date: 24 June 2013
Location: Philadelphia, PA (train station)
Airline: United
Flight: UA6661/UA675

My wife and myself,[names redacted], had a pathetic experience traveling from Philadelphia to Seattle on June 24, 2013 on United Airlines. Ref confirmation code [redacted]. It was Flt # UA6661 from ZFW to EWR (train service) and then Flt # 675 from EWR to SEA. We booked through Expedia (Itinerary #[redacted]) and the reason we chose this option was that we were traveling with bags and it seemed very convenient to check in at Philadelphia train station.

With a Flt no. for the train service and indicating franchise operated subsidiary, this expectation seemed very much in line with norms of reason. It turned out at the time of travel that there was no United check in or flight no. at the Philadephia Amtrak train station. We had to carry our luggage (three check in bags) through train stations all the was to Terminal 3 at EWR.

Because of the check in bags we hired a porter service at Philadelphia train station and it turned out to be a saving grace because nowhere on the Amtrak flight system was UA 6661 displayed, which train service we were looking for, and it was because of the porter that we got to the right train. At the time of booking the way the whole thing was presented is tantamount to giving wrong information to the customer.

Had it been mentioned that our flight was from EWR to SEA and we had an Amtrak train connection from Philadelphia Amtrak station to EWR, we would not have opted for this United option and selected a suitable flight option from Philadelphia to Seattle on any airline.


  1. I have a similar situation and I am now wondering if I need to check in at the rail station or if I could just go to Newark for my flight.

  2. Your AmTrak reservation has nothing to do with United. It is only related in that you booked both the flights and the train at the same time through Expedia. Those are 2 separate transactions you are able to conveniently do through Expedia.