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07 October 2012

Delta forces family into worst seats on the plane

Date: 9 April 2012
Airline: Delta Airlines, flight 3482
Location: Atlanta, GA

My family of four flew Delta to Savana, GA for Easter vacation this year. On our return flight, our seats were changed at the boarding gate from rows fourteen and fifteen to row nine without explaination. Upon boarding the plane, our orginal seats and new seats were occupied. My family and I were forced to sit in the last row of the plane, row twenty. The flight attendents made no attempt to resolve the problem.

Overhead storage and leg room were occupied in two of our seats by "flight crew" baggage, no window seat, the last row was next to the engines and restroom where every passenger slammed the door and we were last to receive in-flight services. I contacted both Delta's president Ed Bastian and CEO Richard Anderson who arrogantly and insultingly sent me flight vouchers for future flights on their pathetic airline when I requested a refund of the flight.


Note from Unfortunately, in the US airlines are allowed to make these kinds of last minute changes without penalty, and are not required to provide passengers with any compensation. However, any reasonable person would agree with the passenger that this treatment was unacceptable.

While offering free flight vouchers was a good gesture, it would have been much more effective if the airline had also included a full refund as well as some some kind of apology or acknowledgement of the airline's role in ruining that family's flight.

06 July 2012

Schedule changes causes shorter holiday

Date: 18 June 2012
Airline: Spirit Airlines, flight 244
Location: Guatemala

I am requesting partial refund of my airfare. My return trip was changed just prior to my flight. As a result I had to alter my vacation plans and was forced to shorten my stay in Guatemala. I am only requesting partial compensation.

I called the customer service line on this matter prior to my flight and was told I had to make the request at the airport. I then spoke to the agent at the airport prior to my flight and was told I had to call the customer service line.


Note from Typically, airlines are not required to compensate passengers for costs not directly related to the trip. While the schedule change may have affected their holiday plans, that is not covered by most airlines.

If a passenger is concerned about delays affecting other parts of the trip, consider options such as purchasing insurance.

05 July 2012

United not honoring Continental refunds

Date: 4 February 2012
Airline: Continental, flight 839
Location: United Customer Service

I spoke with my case manager Lida [redacted] who had authorised my refund from LA to Melbourne Australia for flight 839 on the 4th of February 2012, eticket [redacted] Confirmation Number [redacted] plus a further 30,000 points as a gesture of goodwill onto my Mileage Plus card.

Final confirmation was early April 2012 and I was advised all had been approved and the follow up for the refund would now be passed onto a different dept and that if I had any problems I could get back to Lida at her email address.

I had not heard anything further about my refund and attempted to email Lida but the email came back as this email address no longer accepts inbound messages due to technical changes to Continental Airlines changeover. I have tried to contact Lida on numerous emails address but all come back undeliverable.

I have filled in refund forms online numerous times but still no one contacts me. I have filed complaints on United website and I have yet to have any reply back. I filled out the status form online to check the status of my refund and it advised me to ring 1-800-WECARE2 and I wait on hold from Australia and when I finally get through the representative can't assist me or puts me on hold and I wait again and often times the calls drops out.

I am at my wits end trying to get a response from a United refund representative as this has been going on for months but just can't get through to anyone who can assist me. That is why I am now putting in a complaint with your organisation hoping you may be able to advise me where do I go from here or who i should be contacting.

- Marita

02 July 2012

United almost causes missed overseas connection

Date: 12 May 2012
Airline: United, flight 4148
Location: Atlanta, GA/Newark, NJ

We arrived at the airport three hours prior to our departure as instructed. We were booked on UA 4148 departing at 12:20 pm, arriving in Newark at 2:43 p.m. with connection with UA 0106 departing at 5:35 pm.

Our Atlanta flight had a mechanical problem and they had to fly a part in to repair it. I ask that they re-book us with another airline to make our connection; the gate agent told me we had a “bulk price” ticket and no one else would accept it, and that all they could do is leaves us on the flight that was scheduled to depart now at 5:45. I spoke with a supervisor and she said she would re-book us on another flight out of Newark.

When we arrived in Newark I went to United customer service, because I saw no United flight departing for Munich. The service representative told me they had no record of us having a flight. I ask where my luggage was and he had no idea. He said the only flight left was Lufthansa 1926. I should go see them because they (United) had no record of our travel even though I gave him the confirmed ticket number and reservation code.

We went down to Lufthansa and they had no record of our flight. I think the agent could see I was about to blow up and she decide to help as much as she could. It took her an hour to find the record, but she found it. United would not even look for it they just said it was non-existent. Lufthansa put us on standby. I literally begged them to please put us on the flight, and they did.


30 June 2012

Delta delays and luggage issues lead to changed wedding plans

Date: 28 April 2012
Airline: Delta, flight DL2854
Location: Richmond, VA

I was traveling with my fiance to our wedding on April 28, 2012 from Richmond to Hong Kong. The flight was delayed from Richmond which caused us to miss our connecting flight in Detroit. Delta was unable to put us on another flight that day. We were forced to take a flight the next day with an extra connection.

We specifically paid more for our original ticket for one less connection. This also caused us to miss our transportation in Hong Kong because we arrived at a later time. We had to pay more for local transportation when we arrived in Hong Kong. Furthermore, we were unable to reclaim our baggage because it was already on the delayed flight to Detroit. We were without our personal belongings on Saturday night. Because of our delayed flight, we were forced to change our wedding plans.

We would like to be compensated for our rebooked and delayed flight, the extra connection in our travels, and not having our luggage.

29 June 2012

United and US Airways Ruins Wedding trip to Puerto Rico

Part 1 - Outbound Flights

Date: 29 December 2011
Airline: US Airways, flight 706
Location: San Francisco, CA to San, Juan, PR

Written on 2/1/2012 to the airline: On December 29th, my fiance and I were en route to our wedding in Puerto Rico via United Airlines, where he is a longstanding Premiere member. He surprised me with first class tickets and we were so excited to depart. After hours on the tarmac, they finally offloaded and cancelled the flight to to a computer glitch/ mechanical issues.

The stewards were really nice but had no information; the booking agent at the counter was very rude and pushy - she refused to walk me through multiple booking options and instead, tried to force us to take a red eye to Puerto Rico, leaving SF late at night. Finally, we were able to rebook with an agent on the phone who was helpful.

We were routed through Philadelphia, where we had to spend the night. We were given a very dingy room ar Four Points and two lame $10 meal vouchers that weren't even worth appetizers. This was not how we envisioned the beginning of our wedding trip. On top of this frustrating experience, we missed our first night in Puerto Rico at the Sheraton in Old San Juan, where we had booked with saved points for the occasion that have yet to be refunded. Overall, and despite nicely voicing our frustrations, the United agents we encountered failed to understand the unique circumstances of our trip-- which we had been planning and saving for since 2010.

We are disappointed with our United experience and hope that your customer relations personnel are able to address and respond to our concerns. As always, it is important to give both people and companies second chances, as long as we communicate our frustrations. However, this traveling experience was intolerable and without the appropriate response, I will hesitate to fly United again.

Part 2 - Return Flights

Date: 9 January 2012
Flight: US Airways, operated by United flights 700 and 975
Location: San, Juan, PR to San Francisco, CA

On January 9th, 2012, my husband and I returned from our wedding in Puerto Rico via US Airways, where he surprised me with First Class tickets. Our flight to Washington, DC was just fine, but after four hours of delays for our flight from DC to San Francisco (including hours in the terminal and on the plane and de-icing), our flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues.

A Premiere representative was able to help us re-book for a later flight the same day to San Francisco; however, the flights were not first class. She took our email addresses and old boarding passes and promised to arrange for first class vouchers for future flights. We have not heard from her since. We have tried calling and emailing through your online system. After two weeks, we still have heard no response and are feeling very frustrated. How do we resolve this issue and receive either monetary compensation or vouchers for our downgrade to the main cabin?

Our flight home was a miserable experience. After hours of traveling and exhaustion, our stewardess was horrible. She refused to give me a bottle of water, and I was at the onset of a panic attack. Luckily, an Air Force paramedic sitting next to me was able to help and my husband was able to get my medicine, but I spent a good portion of the flight in tears. The stewardess was very rude, until she realized what was going on- still, she didn't need to behave that way to begin with.

Upon arrival in SF, all of our luggage was lost. We were told it would arrive the following day on the next flight to San Francisco from DC. It did not. We got three out of four bags two days later and the fourth bag arrived 5 days later. The process for contacting US Airways about our bags was arduous, to say the least and extremely frustrating. It required hours of follow-up on our part. Overall, our experience on the second leg of our trip was horrible. We are looking forward to hearing your response to this situation.

I hope that US Airways Customer Service is able to appropriately address these multiple issues. Thank you for your time and consideration.

28 June 2012

Delayed luggage ruins wedding experience

Date: 3 May 2012
Airline: Air Canada, flight 3630
Location: Toronto/Oklahoma City, OK

We went from Toronto to OKC for three days. We arrived Thursday May 3 at 9:30 pm to attend a wedding for Friday May 4th. However our luggage was lost. It was disastrous situation as the next day at noon we had to be at the ceremony. They had no idea where our luggage was which was quite puzzling as I though with the RFID tags they should be able to track it.

They ruined the wedding day. We had miss the ceremony to go to the only mall 40 minutes away to find a dress and shoes. My husband came to the wedding in his jeans because he couldn't get his suit to be taylored on time. Finally after the most of the day being ruined the luggage arrived at the airport in the evening and my husband changed at the airport. I found everyone extremely incompetent starting from the check in person in Toronto up to the luggage department in OKC and then afterwards the 1-800 number for lost luggage which we spend hrs on the phone with and they seemed clueless as well.

-Mina Baghaee

27 June 2012

Best man misses wedding and Delta owes compensation

Date: 17 May 2012
Airline: Delta, flight 2
Location: Dusseldorf, Germany

Letter to Delta:

We have received the Transportation Credit Voucher. This is not the compensation that we were promised by the ticket agent at Dusseldorf. We printed a copy of Regulation EC 261/2004 from your website which clearly states that when a reserved flight originating in the EU (European Union) is cancelled by Delta, we are eligible for a 600 Euro (about $760) compensation per passenger.

We had to wait until the next day to catch another flight. One member of our flight missed part of his brother's wedding (he was the best man by the way) due to the cancellation. The regulation also clearly states that the compensation will be paid in cash or electronic transfer. Only with our written consent should we be compensated with travel vouchers and if
so, the Transportation Voucher amounts will be higher than the cash amounts.

The $200 credit per passenger is obviously not according to the terms outlined by the regulation. Please issue the 600 Euro credit per passenger rather than the travel vouchers.

It is important to note that the flight was not delayed; it was
cancelled. You mentioned in your email that it was delayed by 4.36 hours. There was no Flight 25 that day and we were forced to catch another flight the following day.

Also, we did not receive reimbursement for the taxi fare to the hotel or back to the airport the next day. We have our receipts and we turned them in by mail to Delta. We have not heard back from Delta about the taxi reimbursement.

26 June 2012

Airline offers five bad choices to passenger with wedding gown

Airline: Hawaiian Airlines

I was trying to get assistance on how to travel with a wedding gown as my carry on. (my daughter is getting married in the Philippines). I spoke with two "so called" service supervisors and these are their responses:
  1. I can hand my carry on gown to one of the crew members and she can store it in a closet but this closet is not always available.

  2. I can store the precious gown under my seat.(so i can rest my feet or even kick it around a few times during the flight)

  3. I can store this oversize garment on the overhead compartment( it will be a big ball of mess by the time we get to our destination, just imagine people constantly shoving their bags in and out).

  4. I can pay for an extra seat for this gown.(they're not kidding!!)

  5. I can checked it in.( I'm afraid it might get lost and then what??)
I just want someone to take this gown and handle it with care just like their own but no one cares from this airline business. Very frustating.

25 June 2012

American Airlines booking error ends up costing a passenger

Date: 16 June 2012
Airline: American Airlines

I purchased a travel package for two on June 16th going from from John Wayne (Santa Ana, CA) to Miami. I specified that I would cancel the trip if I could not get upgraded. I have 190,000 miles with AAdvantage.

She told me that in order to get the upgrade that I would have to purchase the coach tickets and only after that I would be able to contact AAdvantage and get the upgrades. She told me told if I cancelled I would have to pay $150 per ticket. She stated that there were many first class seats available and I would have a good chance of getting the upgrades.

She then booked the flights and I got a copy of my tickets 8:08 am this morning 18 June 2012. I then called Aadvantage and they said there were no upgrades available to 75% of my flights. I then called AA Travel (Lynn)and canceled. She told me I had to eat (purchase) the tickets and pay a $300 fine.

I then spoke to Becky and wanted to know what happened?? She booked the flight from John Wayne to Miami as Booking code K and the return as Booking Code V. Because she didn’t book the first part of the flight as V it now becomes a non-refundable flight. This is not what I agreed too. I was never informed that I would be stuck with the tickets.

I am willing to pay the $300 because I agreed to that. But because American travel took it on their own to change the code and make it nonrefundable they should refund the difference.


24 June 2012

Delays and Lost Bags on a Jamaica Wedding Trip

Date: 29 December 2011
Airline: Continental, flight 4627
Location: Pittsburgh,PA

I filed a complaint with Continental Airlines around January 5, 2102 due to terrible service, delayed flight, rude customer service and overall bad experience on my trip from Pittsburgh, PA to Jamaica. The trip was to commence on December 29, 2011 and return on Jananuary 2, 2012.

The trip was a destination wedding for my son that was to take place in Jamaica on December 30, 2011. The rehearsal for the wedding was to be the evening of December 29, 2011.

We had a total of 10 passengers that were on this flight (eight of us were on CO-FL03L3 reservation while 2 others were on a different reservation number but had the same last name--[redacted])

We left Pittsburgh around 5:45 on flight 4627. We were to fly into Houston and depart for Jamaica on flight 1400 at 10:25. Our flight was diverted to San Antonio where we sat on the plane for approx. 1 hour. We were then taken off the plan in San Antonio for approx. 1 1/2 hours. We were then put back on the plane and sat there for another hour and 45 min (approx). By the time the plane got back to Houston we missed our flight to Jamaica. We had rude service throughout the entire experience except for a very kind flight attendant who was on the Pitt to Houston flight (I believe her name was Maria). She was the only one who tried to make our experience tolerable.

Once we got to Houston we stood in a line for about 45 min. before being told that we had to go to another location. From that location we were told to go to still yet another location to be rebooked. By the time that we got to an agent who was willing to work with us, there were no other flights leaving that would have gotten us into Jamaica that day. We MISSED my son's rehearsal celebration. He was very upset as were we!!!!

We had a total of eight adults and two babies (two-year-old and a three-year-old). Needless to say this was extremely difficult to deal with.

Finally an agent said that if we wanted to make it in time for the wedding which was the next day that we would have to fly to Charlotte to try to get a flight early the next morning. If we stayed in Houston we would not have gotten into Jamaica until after the wedding was over. We went to Charlotte and then were told that we would have to get a hotel because the flight wasn't leaving until early on the morning of Dec. 30--the day of the wedding!! We were also told that we could not get a room from the airlines but that they would get us a 'distressed' passenger rate---when we got to the hotel we got the same rate that others who just walked in off the street got--NO DISCOUNT WHATSOEVER!!! I thought it was very inconsiderate and rude of the agents to say that they could not GIVE us rooms and also then to give false information about the distressed passenger rate.

We finally got to Jamaica around 11:10 on Dec. 30, 2011--we started our travel Dec. 29, 2011 at 5:45 AM.

Coming back from Jamaica on flight #1485 we were yet again delayed!!!! This time we were told that the plane was being held for some late arrivals from another flight!!! We didn't get that consideration when we were trying desperately to get to my son's wedding!!!

I called and filed a complaint when I returned and the best the agent said she could do (and I must admit she was also very RUDE) was a $100 travel certificate for each passenger on the flight!!! I told her that I paid 732.31 for each ticket (total of 10 equals around 7320 dollars) and that I thought she should do better than that. I also told here that that didn't even cover the room that we had to pay for once we got to Charlotte. Her response was more or less--"take it or leave it!!" I told her I would take it but that I would be filing a complaint with the travel agent and any other source that I could. I was so upset!!

It is now Jan. 19, 2012 around 2 weeks since I talked with the Continental customer service person about this issue and I still have NOT received the vouchers. I don't feel our compensation was in line with the time that we had to spend waiting and the rudeness that we experienced. I also don't feel that Continental did anything to try to make amends for the inconvenience. I lost 25% of my vacation (we were staying at the RIU Montego Bay which is an all-inclusive a total of approx. $1200), I had the added expense of a 5 hotel rooms (approx. $500) at the Hyatt in Charlotte.Along with added expense of food and trying to keep the babies occupied for approx. 30 + hours. I would hope that you would be able to provide each passenger with a refund of the rooms in Charlotte and at least a roundtrip ticket for each.

I feel that Continental is leaving me no recourse except to file a complaint with the Transportation Department and/or the Aviation Consumer Protection agency ( I have read and understand the Air Rights that we are entitled to.

If I don't have adequate resolution to this issue within 5 business days I will also contact the TV consumer advocates.

My hope is to resolve this issue amicably, but up to this point I have gotten no satisfaction from anyone from Continental.


23 June 2012

American Airlines Does Not Give Promised Refund

Date: 30 December 2011
Airline: American Airlines
Location: Houston, TX

I purchased tickets on American Airlines on September 12, 2011 for my 10th wedding anniversary with my wife. We purchased round trip tickets from Houston to Zihuatanejo, Guerrero Mexico with a connection in Dallas.

We checked in online for our flights on Friday December 30th at about 4pm, I also purchased a seat upgrade from Dallas to Zihuatanejo. Our itinerary had us departing from Houston at 6am and landing in Dallas at 7:05am, then leaving Dallas at 10am and landing in Zihuatanejo at 12:55pm.

At 3:15am on December 31st I received a call from your American Airlines automated system informing me that our flight departing Houston was going to be delayed and would not leave Houston until 9:40am. Obviously this is a problem because we would miss our connection in Dallas. I then called American Airlines reservations department in an attempt to resolve the issue.

When I did call the recording mentioned that our flight had been delayed again and would not be departing until 11:40am. Once I did get to speak to a representative they informed that there are no other options and that there was nothing that they could do. While all of this was going on my wife was busy on the internet trying to find another flight that might get us into Dallas on time. She found a continental flight that left intercontinental airport at 7:30am and landed in Dallas at 8:30am.

I then told the representative about the flight, she made an effort to put us on the flight before getting back on the line informing me that it was not legal for us to fly out of one airport and back into another. I then asked her if it was possible for me to purchase the tickets and still carry on with the rest of our trip. She said that was fine and that I would be fully refunded for the first leg of our trip.

Which brings us to where we are now, refund. I have been attempting to get in contact with someone in American Airlines refund department to no avail. I have emailed, and called several times and have yet to hear back from anyone. In addition to this I paid $38 for a seat upgrade that was not given.

I received an email from American Airlines today letting me know that they processed my refund and I would be getting $88.42 for my cancellation. I spend $408.40 with Continental for the one way tickets I had to purchase. My tickets with American Airlines cost me $889.32 I do not see this as an appropriate refund.

22 June 2012

Bag with wedding clothes arrives after epic journey

Date: 3 May 2012
Airline: United, flight 6179H
Location: Chicago, IL; Albany, NY; and Wilkes-Barre, PA

Although traveling with United in the past has generally been a reasonably smooth experience, I would like to report that my most recent travel experience was borderline disastrous due to a number of incidents demonstrating incompetence, rudeness, and total disregard for customer satisfaction.

The Four-hour Delay
My wife and I were scheduled to fly from Chicago (ORD) landing in Wilkes-Barre (AVP) on May 3, 7:16 PM, flight UA 6179H. The weather was causing some delays on various planes that night, with many of them being cancelled. Although delays are understandable, the manner in which this was handled was unacceptable. At one point, a frustrated gate attendant began audibly cursing and slamming his phone around, clearly causing an uncomfortable atmosphere to people already on edge from constant 15 minute delays totaling over 4 hours. Despite many flights being cancelled due to plane damage, ours was thankfully not, and nearly 5 hours later we boarded our plane.

After sitting on the plane for about 30 minutes, our pilot informed us that the flight was canceled, because the flight would mean him working over 16 hours. We then waited almost 40 minutes to get off the plane, since there was no gate available for us to return to. This is completely unacceptable, because a very basic calculation would have prevented us from wasting several hours of our time boarding a plane that could have never possibly taken off—United should have been able to calculate hours before that the flight could not occur due to the pilot being unable to work longer.

We were then shuffled off to a customer service area where an airline employee was rudely yelling and acting impatient with understandably outraged customers, as if she was annoyed that she had to perform her duties. Eventually we were seen by a representative.

A Key Checked Bag Gets Lost
Now, my wife and I were traveling to Wilkes-Barre where we would spend the night with my family and drive to Schenectady NY together the next morning. The next flight to Wilkes-Barre was too late the next day such that our family would not be there to pick us up, as there was a very important wedding rehearsal dinner occurring at 6:00 PM in Schenectady. In order for us to attend this dinner, we needed to change our flight destination to Albany, NY. After some debate with a United representative who was saying we’d have to pay for the new flight despite our original one being cancelled (which he comically denied ever happened, even though the room was full of people from the same cancelled flight!), we were finally transferred to a new flight to Albany, flight UA5905, departing March 4th at 7:49 AM.

Before leaving the airport to try to get a little sleep, we were told that our luggage (one bag) was not automatically transferred for us and that we’d need to go to United baggage services to ensure that it was transferred. The lady there looked at our boarding passes and said that they were already transferred, which is of course impossible considering what we had just been told. We asked her to make sure, and she did something on her computer and then assured us that it was done.

More Delays the Next Day
After returning to the airport the next morning and reaching our gate, we once again were informed that our plane to Albany was delayed. Except this time, the delay was handled with extreme unprofessionalism. We were moved to a number of different gates over and over. At one point, we were told to go to another gate because our plane was there waiting for us. It was not waiting for us, meaning we were blatantly lied to by a United representative.

At another time, we were told it was ‘on its way from the hanger’, and then told an hour later that it was still sitting at the hanger. We received completely different stories depending on who we asked. Eventually, we learned that the reason our plane hadn’t arrived at the gate, almost four hours later, is because there was no personnel to taxi the plane from the hanger to the gate. Our pilot had been sitting at the gate for over an hour at this point, and he was then summoned to be driven over to the hanger so he could taxi the plane himself. Note that if communication wasn’t so terrible, this could have been done at least an hour before.

Moments before boarding the plane, I spoke directly with the person loading the bags onto the plane. Skeptical that my bag was properly transferred, I had him take a look at my baggage claim ticket, asking him if he could please verify that my luggage was loaded onto the plane. After consulting with another man, inputting some numbers, and then scanning my baggage claim ticket, he assured us that the bag was on the plane.

United Unsure of Bag Location
We arrived in Albany shortly after, but our baggage did not. It was now 2:45 PM, meaning we’d have to go to a rehearsal dinner without the clothing in our baggage. A man at United baggage services in Albany filed a report (Reference [redacted]), and was unable to locate where our bag actually was, although he suspected it was still in Chicago since it wasn’t in Albany and wasn’t in Wilkes-Barre. Luckily there was another flight to Albany that evening, since we had a wedding the next day at 4PM, and desperately needed our clothing (suits, dresses, toiletries, medication, etc.).

I spent a great deal of that afternoon and evening speaking with various representatives from the provided hotline, 1-800-355-2247, making sure that the bags would indeed be sent on the next flight to Albany, where we could pick it up that evening as to be prepared for the wedding the next day. Some of these representatives were confused about the current location of the bag, insisting that it was in Albany since it was scanned onto the Albany flight (I suspect this is because the aforementioned bag loader scanned my claim ticket). After insisting that no, the bag was not in Albany, I received yet more reassurance that the bag would be sent out on the next flight to Albany.

The Bag Shows Up in the Wrong City
That evening, I called the hotline again to check on the status of the bag, since by about that time it should have been en route to Albany, and would have been scanned. The representative said that yes, it had been scanned, but to Wilkes-Barre! So, after spending hours on the phone with baggage services, it’s as if everything I had requested had been completely ignored. At this point, my wife and I were very worried that we’re not going to receive our baggage in time for the wedding. Although there was a flight from Wilkes-Barre to Albany the next morning, my confidence in the ability of United to properly execute any request has been demolished. Regardless, I asked them to do this, which of course they assured me would be done.

United Customer Service Continues to Fall Short
Note that the calls themselves also demonstrated extreme unprofessionalism on the part of United. On at least one occasion I was told I would be called back by a supervisor, only to never be called. On others, I was put on hold for 20 minutes while a representative tried to answer a very simple question. Asking for a supervisor was a huge ordeal, as the representative I spoke to completely ignored my request and tried to solve my problem herself, despite the fact that several had failed before her. At no point was there any respect for the urgency of the situation, nor were there ever any options for me to escalate the problem to someone with more power or knowledge.

Another Company Saves the Day
The morning of the wedding, I received a call—not from United, but from ‘Best Value Passenger Services’ at the Wilkes-Barre airport (AVP). So, United failed to act on my request yet again, and my bag was a three-hour drive away with no more flights available before the wedding. However, I was relieved, because finally my bag was in the hands of somebody that wasn’t United Airlines. And thanks to them, we were able to receive our bag about an hour before the wedding, because an employee of theirs delivered our bag directly to us, a 3 hour drive away.

Overall, my wife and I are extremely disappointed in the quality of service we received from United. Our trip was certainly marred and came very close to being completely ruined. At no point during the entire support process were we ever offered any compensation. We do believe we should be compensated for the flight and baggage charges and look forward to hearing what United can offer us.


21 June 2012

United Partner Airline Issue Ruins Wedding Night

Date: 24 December 2011
Airline: United, flight 2533

I booked a flight for two unaccompanied minors, and paid the additional fees for United to provide an escort. Yet, on Christmas Eve, my children were left stranded in the airport. The partnering airline refused to allow them to travel. I had chosen United because they were the only airline that assured me they allowed unaccompanied minors and provided supervision for a fee. When I contacted the airline to address the situation, the customer service representatives offered little to no help.

I was on the phone for three hours on my wedding night trying to resolve the situation. I was then forced to then purchase an additional ticket for my brother to escort them. United employees' are directly responsible for failing to ensure that purchasing tickets specifically for unaccompanied flights would be accepted through their partners.

This incident not only nearly stranded two young children on Christmas Eve, but ruined our wedding night and honeymoon, as well as left my brother stuck in airports for the Holidays. United still owes me a refund for the escort fees and should be refunding the additional expensed incurred to provide a chaperone. Lastly, I sent their customer service an email and have yet to get any type of response.

20 June 2012

Passenger sprains knee and wants apology for airline response

Date: 1 June 2012
Airline: United, flight 709
Location: Baltimore, MD

It was June 1st 2012 I left BWI on my way to Chicago and then to LA and lastly San Diego. I got on the plane put my baggage in overhead and immediately tried to sit before the plane took off and twisted my knee. My complaint goes to the treatment I received after the injury.

Customer service in Chicago told them what happened and they had someone wheel me to the Medical Center and once I got there I was denied service because she said she had three people in front of me and I would miss my connecting flight.

I hopped around the airport until I got to my final destination. I went to the VA Medical Center once in San Diego and was told by the doctor that my knee was in fact sprained. I would like an apology from the airline for their conduct and want to be reimbursed in some form.


11 June 2012

Claim of unprofessional TSA conduct in Atlanta

Date: 2 June 2012
Airline: AirTran, flight 31
Location: Atlanta, GA

I was detained by two TSA black females to a private room. The females were very disrespectful to me as a senior citizen. I was treated like a common criminal because I was layered. I am anemic and I do layer myself to keep from getting extremely cold as advised by my doctors. I can understand them doing their jobs but where is professionalism, respect, and dignity for people especially for seniors as myself? You may have not trained them to be professional and respectful but this should have been taught somewhere in their lives.

The young lady at the computer made a remark; "Y'all should know how to dress yourselves when you come here." This statement was made very disrespectfully to me. The other female did the searching and she continuously stared at me; looking me up & down after the completion of the search. I tried to remain quiet and professional and waiting for them to release me to get on the train to my boarding gate. For 2-3 minutes of silence and stares from the female attendants; I was finally released.

Even after I was found not a threat I should have been immediately released and not just stared yet for that period of time. The one that searched me remarked very sarcastically "have a good day". This was the first time I traveled this airline and will be the last time. As mentioned earlier, I don't mind the employees doing their jobs but with professionalism and respect.

I spoke with my lawyer and was informed that if I didn't receive a response from someone that he will be making the contacts himself. No one apologized to me at all. I have been having sleepless nights since this has happened. I am a heart patient w/high blood pressure. I am very stressed out over this situation.


10 June 2012

Yemenia Airways loses valuable zam zam drums

Date: 29 May 2012
Airline: Yemenia Airways, flight IY854
Location: Jeddah, Saudia - Bombay (Mumbai), India

We travelled by YEMENIA AIRWAYS from Jeddah to Sanaa and from Sabaa to Bombay on 29th of May, 2012. Our flight number was IY 854. The flight departed from Jeddah at 17:00 on Tuesday in that flight we have boarded our luggages in the flight. We were five members of the same family.

Unfortunately when we arrived at Bombay, we didn't find our one bag which contains some valuable things which we purchased from Jeddah, it worth more than 20000 Indian Rs., Along with this bag, our ZAM ZAM drums (6 drums) did not come in the flight.

On that day when we decided to complain, the Officer incharge at Bombay console us and promised us that you will get your lost luggages on Friday. He also told that every Friday Big Flight is scheduled between Jeddah - Sanaa - Bombay. He has given the telephone number of the Bombay Office. On Friday at 8:00 AM, we inquired at Bombay Office but we didn't get any satisfactory reply from the office. The officer in charge also told there is no need to complain and worry as you will get your luggage back. But still now we haven't got our luggage.


08 June 2012

Delta Airline rules put new grandmother in a bad situation

Date: June 2012
Airline: Delta
Location: North Carolina

The reason I am writing is because Delta cancelled a return flight that I had. I booked a round trip ticket from Colorado Springs to North Carolina for June 5th and to return to Colorado Springs on June 30th. I had to get an earlier flight out to North Carolina for an emergency delivery for my daughter's baby.

I am already in North Carolina but I needed that return flight that I paid for and already had booked so I can return home but Delta cancelled my flight and is now trying to charge me a $100 flight change fee plus an extra $700 for a new flight. It is crazy and immoral. My flight should not have been cancelled and I should not have to put out extra money. What can I do to get home because I do not have the money to get another flight? Thank you for your help!


07 June 2012

American Airlines does little to help after canceling flight

Date: 7 June 2012
Airline: American Airlines, flight AA2401
Location: Dallas, TX (DFW)

I would like to file a complaint regarding AA lack of assistance for my parents and aunt (record locator [redacted]) to get them to their connecting flight LAX due to your canceled flight 2401 today, 7 June 2012. Final destination is Phnom Phen, Cambodia (international flight).

They were looking forward to this trip to visit their homeland after 10yrs of leaving it. But thanks to AA, their happiness have been drained from them.

It is in their policy to provide them assistance because they are the one at fault, all of sudden they canceled the 6:50am flight. Their policy is stated here

Basically my parents and aunt ran around like puppets at the airport today because they are unwilling to help find another flight for them, lugging with them all the boxes and luggages. AA send them back to Asiana Air but Asiana Air sent them back to you (AA). It doesn't matter what the reason why AA canceled their flight but the way I see it is that since AA is the one who canceled their flight (not Asiana) then AA should be the one to provide further assistance to get them on the next available flight out, if not today then tomorrow or the next day. I never heard of such nonsense that they cannot do anything what-so-ever!

AA have lost my whole family as a customer and we will never ever fly with them again for as long as we live. This company needs to shut down because they are in the business of customer service but they provide lack there of.

- Teri

03 June 2012

Witness claims off duty drug use by Spirit Airlines flight attendant

Date of Complaint: 1 June 2012
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Airline: Spirit Airlines

My complaint is about Spirit Airlines hiring drug users and putting passenger safety in their hands. I thought airlines had higher standards for their flight attendants. But Spirit has a FA based in Las Vegas. Her name is [redacted]. I believe she said she's been with Spirit since about March 2012.

Well, I have watched this girl smoke marijuana and take ecstasy a number of times recently while out partying in Las Vegas. All while laughing about how they can (her and her friend who is also a FA) because Spirit nor the FAA ever drug test. And if they do, it's a urine test which they can easily get around with fake urine...which is actually how they passed their initial drug test to get hired.

Is it really the practice of Spirit to hire and allow such druggies to work for them? To put customer's safety in the hands of people like this? Are the safety regulations such as drug testing really THAT easy to get around? I am DISGUSTED and I will NEVER fly that airline again and I will be sure friends of mine that fly Spirit also know this. I believe this is something the FAA should look into and drug test these girls with something more efficient than a urine test.


Notes: has no way to independently verify this claim. Also, this complaint was NOT submitted anonymously. No specific dates were given for the alledged drug use.

30 May 2012

United fails to deliver food and is mean to an infant

Date: 26 April 2012
Location: Newark, NJ
Airline: United, flights UA 6127 and UA 26

(Addressed to United Customer Care)

I am writing to you regarding a recent trip that my husband, my three-month old daughter and I made to New York, Newark, with United Airlines.

Our tickets were purchased through Expedia and the flight numbers are as follows (UA 6127 and return UA 26).

On our outward journey my husband had booked a vegetarian meal for himself and a seafood meal for me from the available drop down menu. Shortly into the journey we were informed in a less than apologetic manner that there was neither. In fact there was nothing on board for us to eat. We were not on the list for special meals despite a phone call through Expedia confirming meals with United prior to the outward flight.  We were quite surprised and eventually some cheese and crackers were found. On a transatlantic flight I really do not think that this is acceptable.

On our return journey my husband had again checked that there would be a meal on the flight. He had been advised by outward cabin crew to go on to the United Airlines website to confirm the return meals, which he did.  He spoke to "Alex" the virtual advisor and joined the United Airlines membership and "edited his profile including meal preferences!" this was confirmed online.

We paid $394 extra for upgraded seats and were at the front of the economy cabin against the bulkhead. (Return journey seat numbers were 8F and 9E.)There was a male member of your cabin crew who was very helpful, Mr Josh Hollifield, (International Service Manager), he did provide us with a sky cot for our daughter.

However, despite being subjected yet again to your United Airlines promotional video staring "Jeff" , your CEO, telling his captive audience how all passengers on United Airlines are very well looked
after while on board one of his flights, there was again nothing to eat! Surely not twice?

Now you may be starting to think that this letter is simply from two grumpy passengers who had to survive six hours each way on a micro bag of salty pretzels. This however is not the case.

My three-month old daughter slept for most of the journey and she did not at any point need anything at all. Fortunate as there probably would
not have been a meal! I did not even have to ask for a bottle to be warmed as I am breast feeding. (I could go down the breast feeding mother needing food as a priority route but I'm afraid that just isn't me.) So all I'm highlighting is that I did not have to pace the aisle trying to comfort her or cause any extra work for your crew.

When we landed we asked for the stroller to be brought to the door of the plane so that the journey through customs would be easier. We waited while the majority of passengers left the aircraft and the ground staff at Birmingham located the stroller which was in a travel bag and brought it to the aircraft door. When it arrived my husband went to remove it from the bag and get it ready.

To my horror at this point one of your female crew, Ms Mary H., stomped back onto the aircraft and without realising that I was within earshot said in an angry tone of voice "Yes, and he's opening the buggy like it's Christmas morning!"

I interpreted this to mean that he was being very slow and holding her up as she was extremely keen to leave the aircraft. I stood up and asked her what she meant and on realising that I, and her colleagues had also heard her, she was acutely embarrassed. Eventually she apologised but this did not negate the fact that we were clearly delaying her and looking after us was certainly not on her list of priorities. Josh was horrified by his fellow colleague's behaviour and apologised profusely. We suggest you look into this cabin crew members conduct personally.

I have two other children aged 6 years and 8 years and have travelled withvarious airlines all over the world with them.  I have NEVER in all that time come across such unhelpful, rude and unprofessional cabin crew. I am extremely angry at the manner in which we were treated and would appreciate it very much if you could run this experience past "Jeff" and ask him if he believes that any ofthis experience is of the standard he expects for his customers.

We are appalled and do not feel your airline has provided good customer service or value for money. The airline certainly cannot justify the premium economy upgrade costs we were charged and we expect this to be refunded in full as a minimum.


25 May 2012

Flight attendant behavior causes loss of medication

Letter sent to airline by dissatisfied passenger
Airline: Southwest Airlines, flight 3463

To Whom It May Concern
Re: Flight 3463 from Houston Hobby to Harlingen, Texas
Date: 6 May 2012
Subject: Alicia xxx --Flight Attendant

I realize as I write this letter of complaint; I most likely won't get a response but I feel compelled to let you know what happened to me on that flight (Flight 3463)

On Sunday evening I boarded a flight from Houston Hobby headed on a direct flight to Harligen, Texas I decided to take the very front window seat to the left of the aircraft. Next to me was a lady and her seeing-eye dog. I had no carry on bags, only my purse. To get situated I placed my purse behind my feet (with my medication on top of my bag) on the floor under the seat because I had medication to take within a 30 minute time frame.

Before takeoff, the flight attendant (Alicia xxx) yelled at me very loudly "give me your purse" initally I said, "no" but before I could explain to her i needed to get my medication out of the purse she yelled again "give me your purse". At that time I tried to fit my purse under the seat but she said, "I said give it here-someones' bag is under there". When I tried to hand it to her she jerked it out of my hand and threw it in the overhead compartment.

She then stood there, and yelled "is there a problem"? I said "no" Her response was: " I dont understand why you are looking at me like that" "Your purse has to go up top" ...I replied "I heard you the first time". She then responded "Then you need to quit looking at me and turn your head the other way" "I will have you kicked off this flight; you are looking at me in a threating manner and I'll have you kicked off immediatly". I was frieghtend that would get kicked off so I turned my head and said nothing.

She continued to yell at me stating "I dont take attitude, I will have you removed, you understand that?" Everyone around me head the exchange I was humiliated. To make matters worse, she began to call the other flight attendants up after we got off the ground to brag about how she told me off and how she put me in my place.

When the flight was over in baggage claim many passengers came up to ask me my name and stated I was treated harshly and it was un called for. I was humiliated.

As a result of her throwing my purse; I didn't take my medication. When I went to the rest room at the airport in Harlingen, my medication was nowhere to be found, nor were my keys. I am convinced that when she threw my purse in the overhead compartment that my medication fell out along with my keys to my home. Because I didnt place my purse in the overhead compartment nor retrieve it upon exit of the plane; I dont know what was left behind. My purse has no zipper so anything could have fallen out.

I feel really disrespected by how this flight attendant treated me. I flew Southwest becuase it was most cost efficient for me and you don't charge for bags and my job sends me to the Valley often and I wanted to take advantage of your frequent Flyer Program, but now I will opt to fly with United; they are pricer but at least I will have better luck not getting humiliated.


24 May 2012

Mystery date change with Singapore Air

Two tickets were purchased and confirmed on 24 November 2011 to fly from Houston to Moscow for 30 April 2012. On Saturday 31 March 2012, I received a phone call from Singapore Air stating that we could not fly on the date of the purchased ticket and had to change the date of departure.

Initially offered an earlier date, I argued against that change since our visas would not allow us into the country for that arrival date.  Then I was told we would have to go either on the 1st or 2nd of May 2012 and settled on 1 May 2012. The tickets were reissued that day with the same ticket numbers and the date of purchase (not change) was backdated to the original purchase date.

When queried about the reason for this change I was not told nor was I told when I called the airline nor was my complaint ever answered by Singapore Air. I would still like us to leave on the original date and return on the original date (22 Jun 2012). To arbitrarily change a date for a purchased ticket without any reason and tell they cannot go on that date is the height of airline arrogance. Although this is the only complaint having used Singapore several times before, this one seems to be serious.


23 May 2012

Can't fit standard infant carrier in some US Airways seats

Date: 9 May 2012
Airline: US Airways, flight 1247
Location: West Palm Beach, FL

I was traveling with my 5 month old infant son as well as my 4 year old daughter and mother. My father paid for two seats for the infant, one going to Palm Beach and one for the return flight to Philadelphia There was no problem with using the baby carrier on flight down. However, on return flight, attendant said baby had to be buckled into window seat.

The infant carrier did not fit in the window seat and US Airways' attachment seat buckle did not fit around carrier. US Airways neglected to tell passenger that the older planes do not properly accommodate baby carriers on window seats, even though US Airways mandates that babies have to sit in the window seats.

I had to hold my 17 pound baby during the entire trip. Paid for a choice seat for an additional cost. Seat was never used. I am requesting a refund for the unused return flight seat. Lack of communication regarding baby travel requirements was the fault of US Airways, not the passenger.


22 May 2012

United employees accused of popping slides for no good reason

Date: 13 May 2012
Airline: United, flight 1098
Location: Houston, TX

I am outraged that my flight to Houston scheduled to leave at 5:01 after a 4 hour layover was sabatoged by a United employee on the arriving flight, at the gate. A mechanical delay was announced. A United employee whispered that a slide had been deployed, on the A320, at the gate following landing.

I went to the service desk and was told the plane probably would not fly until the next day and was told that this was the third slide deployment at the airport by a United employee. This is outragious, and a terrorist act as the employees are damaging and disabling airplanes.

I was scheduled to land in Lake Charles, LA at 10:55PM Sunday evening for an interview the following morning. I was forced to take a flight to New Orleans, LA which arrived after midnight and drive three hours to Lake Charles, LA arriving 3:30AM Monday morning. These United employees seem to face no consequences of their actions, but look how their actions impacted
... just me. I am outraged and want action taken against United and the terrorists!


21 May 2012

United could not coordinate between their own flights

Date: 17 March 2012
Airline: United, flight 727
Location: San Francisco

At San Francisco airport our flight did not board until 1:10 pm (our scheduled departure time was 12:47 pm). We were told in advance that there was some issues with the landing strip and we would be delayed. After boarding late, the plane did not take off for at least another hour.

During the duration of our flight many of us passengers were concerned about our connecting flights. We were told countless times that our flights would be notified of the delay because it was not our fault. When we landed which was no earlier then 9:46 pm we still had to leave the plane and travel across the airport to our next gate, by 9:55 pm.

The flight attendants told all passengers with connecting flights to see the woman at the desk and she would explain to us what we needed to do. When we got to the counter, the woman had no information to our flight to HPX (Fort Campbell, KY), instead she proceeded to help all other customers before looking up in the computer.

Once we had the gate and ran as fast as we could to it, the flight had already left. We got in line to speak with United representatives who were very unhelpful. All they could tell us was that there were no hotels in the area for us, and if we could find one United was NOT going to pay for the cost of it. We were also told that if we wanted food we had to go to another section of the airport, come to find out ALL of the food places are closed.

Not only have I been on an airplane for the majority of the day, but now I will be in an airport for the night. This delay is causing everyone in my party to miss work, a huge inconvenience. We have no where to eat, no where to sleep. No customer service rep will be of help to us. Not one person that is associated to United Airlines has any concern for us 7 passengers that missed our flight to HPX and the rest of the passengers from our flight, who missed their other flights have not been helped either.

I want to make it clear that I will not stop making complaints until I have been taken care of accordingly.


19 May 2012

Suggestions on flying with expensive luggage

Date: 5 September 2011
Airline: Delta, flight DL1923
Location: Atlanta, GA

I am writing to complain about damage caused to my Louis Vuitton luggage which occurred on my journey with Delta Airline on September 5, 2011 from New Orleans to Atlanta on Delta Airlines flight DL1923

On arrival at my destination in Atlanta airport, I discovered damage to my luggage. I express total disappointment in the way my luggage has been handled by Delta Airline. I declared the cost of my luggage at $4,700 and asked your staff to take good care of my luggage when I checked in.

My luggage was badly damaged during a recent flight on your airline and I have been unable to obtain appropriate compensation. Dona Stopper who is claim manager called me on May 7, 2012 asked for the original receipt and I did fax to her on May 14, 2012. However, Dona called me again and asks for more documents. I believed that she just want to run me around until I give up for this claim.


Suggestions from
While nothing can prevent damage or loss to luggage and its contents, there are several things you can do to protect yourself:

- Buy insurance for your expensive travel items
- Consider packing expensive luggage within a larger piece of luggage
- Review airline baggage damage policies to find their reimbursement policies
- If you have a claim, be sure to keep all documentation
- Photograph the condition of expensive luggage before your flight

18 May 2012

Delta changes departure airport but does not tell passenger

Date: October 24, 2011
Location: New York (JFK and Newark)
Airline: Delta

I am writing to file an official complaint for the failure of Delta Airlines to get me on the flight I purchased from JFK to Bonaire Island on October 15, 2011. I have been credited $359 as a result of not being informed of the airport change to Newark from JFK and I appreciate that gesture even though there is a $150 reissuance fee and it was the fault of Delta.

The $359 covers the flight your staff caused me to miss, however, I incurred several expenses as well as 24 hours of missed vacation time due to the incompetence of three Delta agents who had unbelievably surrey attitudes towards me. Below is a recount of the horrific customer experience at Delta and the expenses I incurred as a result of the failed flight.

I fully expect to be reimbursed for the amount below as they were direct out of pocket expenses. I will never be able to recapture the lost 24 hours in Bonaire, but I completely expect to be reimbursed for the out of pocket expenses.  I plan to escalate this complaint until I receive
full reimbursement for the disastrous experience with Delta.

July 28, 2011
- Purchased one way flight from JFK – Bonaire via Atlanta for $359
- Delta flight 1743 JFK – Atlanta 6:25am – 9:45 am
- Delta flight 663 Atlanta – Bonaire 9.45am – 2:45pm

August 8, 2011
Received an email from Expedia that my flight departure had been changed and called into customer service to verify. Made note of the time change for departure.

October 15, 2011
Arrived for flight at 5am and spent 15 minutes with curbside attendant before he told me I had to go inside and that there was no record of my flight.  Found first agent inside at 5.15 and she told me that I was booked out of Newark despite my printed itinerary reflecting JFK. She spent another 15 minutes trying to figure things out before she sent me to the head Agent (Shane) who said "We were killing him with all of these issues so early in the morning".

He told me I was too late to get on the 6:25 am flight. I pleaded and begged as all of the signs posted said 60 minutes prior to flight would ensure getting on board. I was well within that time frame when I got to Shane and there were no lines in security. He let other agents interrupt him and worked on their issues despite the fact that there was a 6:25 am flight leaving to Atlanta out of JFK that he could have placed me on in plenty of time.

He sent me to a female agent who said there was no way to make the flight and that she was getting off duty. She disappeared with my entire travel itinerary and no one could find it at the airport.  With tears running down my face and feeling defeated, I went outside to use my iPhone and rebook another flight after your staff said, "Sorry, you were too late."

It was really an awful experience. I then had to book a new flight that took 13 hours and cost $1,396 for a one-way flight to Bonaire departing out of JFK at 11.55pm on October 15th (17 hours after my original flight time) as this was the cheapest and quickest flight down to a 7 day pre-booked vacation package.  Not to mention, I had to fly all the way down to Ecuador and then back up to Bonaire.

Knowing that flights to Bonaire are so limited your staff should have called down to the gate to let them know I was coming at 5:20 am (65 minutes prior to departure). They could have cared less that I was going to miss the first 24 hours of my vacation and incur several hundred dollars beyond what I'd already spent on the first failed flight.

Expenses incurred as a result of the failed flight
- One-way airfare JFK – Bonaire $1,276.30
- Cab back to NYC at 7am - $58.30
- Cab back to airport 14 hours later - $60.00
- Lunch - $22.00
- Dinner - $66.53
- One night lost hotel cost in Bonaire -  $168.32
- Total amount: $1,651.45

If we can resolve this disaster, I fully plan on flying Delta again in the future. I am a reasonable person and will chalk it up to poor personnel decisions so long as Delta recognizes and takes accountability for the expensive and poor customer experience I endured and reimburses me in full for the unnecessary expenditure and missed 24 hours of vacation time. If not, I fully plan to file a complaint with every organization possible and write multiple poor reviews on every web  site I can find. There are options for air travel and Delta performed poorly against KLM and the other international carriers.


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Forwarded by
The Foundation
Seattle, WA

17 May 2012

Always get documentation from the airline when they lose your bags

Date: 12 March 2012
Airline: United, flight UA3937

I called to find out why I had not been contacted about items stolen from my luggage by United baggage handlers. "Josh", who said he had no employee identification number was condescending and belittling in my attempts to find out where my matter stood. He kept asking for a reference number which I repeatedly told him was never provided. When he did find my information he did not provide a reference number and had an attitude almost taunting.

I called back to complain to a supervisor and somehow he took my called and said there was no supervisor or manager for me to talk to. We got into a heated discussion as to who had the attitude and he hung up. So, not only does United have thieves in baggage, this person, "Josh", apparently thinks these matters are trivial.

- Christopher

16 May 2012

United can't find confirmed tickets

Date: November 28, 2011
Airline: United fight 1605
Location: San Francisco, CA

I have been a United customer since I took my first flight 41 years ago. United has been instrumental in helping to create many memorable experiences over the years, but my recent trip was the worst traveling experience ever in my many years and miles of traveling.

I arrived at San Francisco airport with my girlfriend to begin our romantic vacation in Costa Rica at 6:45am on November 18, 2011 for my 9 am flight (UA 1605). The agent looked confused and disappeared for 15 minutes. When she returned she stated that she could not find the second leg of our reservation to Costa Rica.

I asked how she knew we were going to Costa Rica if it did not show up, as I had just given her my passport and not my itinerary. I stated I would like to speak with a supervisor if there was a problem. No supervisor showed up. I then showed her my conformation from my travel agent which showed that I had purchased 2 first class tickets for myself and my girlfriend on October 7, 2011 and that we had seat assignments for all 4 legs of the journey.

The agent left again and did not return for 30 minutes. When she returned, she handed us boarding passes. I asked if there were any problems and she stated that everything was in order. I thought it was unusual that it had taken us over 45 minutes to get a boarding pass, but trusted her that everything was in order.

When we arrived in Houston we made our way to the gate. Upon having our passports checked against our boarding passes Christy's boarding pass was taken and we were told she did not have a seat on the flight, UA 1565. The agent in San Francisco had given her a boarding pass with no seat assignment and told us everything was "in order." I asked to
speak with a supervisor and was told one was "on the way."

The agents at the gate, AnnMarie T., Sophia V. and Terri J. were very unhelpful and unfriendly. We were told that the flight was oversold and there was no seat for Christy and that "their" computer had no reservation. I immediately called my travel agent and he made some calls and called me back. (I have a very good travel agent as I work for a very high-end wine estate in Napa valley and the business flies millions of miles a year as we make wine on four different continents). He assured me he spoke with someone at United and United central booking had us in seats 3A and 3B (UA 1565).

I asked again for a supervisor and was told they were on their way. We were not the only passengers this had happen to. There were at least four other groups that had the same situation.

The plane was over 45 minutes late at this point. There were six women crying loudly at the counter and still no supervisor had shown up. I have never seen anything this bad in all of my years of travel. My girlfriend was finally offered a seat in economy and we unhappily boarded the plane. No supervisor ever showed up in the hour and a half we waited at the counter.

We were not even on our way yet and we had already spent two and a half hours at the United counter for tickets we had purchased and were confirmed six weeks prior. Christy cried the whole way to Costa Rica…. So much for our romantic vacation.

The next day my travel agent spent over an hour on the phone with Continental and United to insure this did not happen on our return flight. He was assured by the agents and then assured me that everything was confirmed for our return flight.

We arrived at SJO at 1:30pm on November 28th for our 3:55pm flight (UA1447). We were quickly informed that we did not have seats 3A and 3B as we had reservations for, but that we had economy seats and were on the wait list for First Class. After another hour at the ticket counter we were finally given seats in First Class, but not together.

We went to the gate and waited at that counter for another 45 minutes and they were finally able to switch someone and seat us together. Upon boarding the plane we were greeted by a female flight attendant whose first words to us were, "Is there a problem?" in a very snotty tone. I explained that, No, there was not a problem, but we were having a trying day of travel and would love a drink at her first opportunity.

I was surprised by here level of rudeness. The next surprise was there was no audio/video on the plane! Nothing. We were told this was a "new" plane and this was the way they come. I have never heard of such a thing. When I was departing the airplane I asked for the attendants name that had been rude to us. The other attendants told me that they did not know it and that I needed to get out of the way.

When I politely asked how they did not know their co-workers name, they told me to get off the plane or they would call the police. We were so worn out from the experience we exited the plane in shock. We made the last leg of the journey (UA 1712) with only minor delays.

This was by far my worst traveling experience in my 49 years and I have been all over the world on many different airlines. In my job I participate in many food, wine and travel blogs. While this experience is without a doubt the worst travel experience I have encountered, I have not posted about my experiences yet, and as a life long United customer I am hoping that this story will have a happy ending with United taking responsibility for their mistakes and making this right. That would be a story worth posting about.

I am prepaired to give United a "do over." Correct your mistakes with two First Class tickets to Costa Rica from San Francisco and I can try
to "do over" my romantic vacation.


15 May 2012

Late departure plus drunk and masturbating seatmates

Date: August 24, 2008
Airline: American Airlines, flight 1700
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica to Miami, FL

The flight was delayed three hours, they had us on the plane waiting for an hour before take off. There were three teenagers, one took my seat and refused to give it back. After minutes of arguing she left and her two friends stayed behind. The kids were young and drinking beer on the plane, several bottles.

It got to the point were on of them was using the seat to pop open the beer bottle, then he spilled the beer on the plane. The couple proceeded to harass me, by yelling profanities and harassing me over all. Finally, the flight took off after about an hour of just sitting on the landing strip, when all of a sudden the girl went on to masturbate the boy and vice versa.

Our row was diagonal from the flight attendants, whom had already realized the boy was heavily drinking. Well, the girl kept masturbating the boy and things were escalating until finally the flight attendant saw it and did nothing, but stare at me in awe. He got up went to the back and called the attendant closest to the couple and all they did was tell the kids to stop. I was not offered a different seat, the kids were not split up.

All the attendants did was say they were sorry and that I had to complain via email. I assure it was the worst two hours on a plane I have had to encounter. The kids drinking, the beer spilled, the harassing, the profanity and to top it off the masturbation right next to me.


14 May 2012

Allegiant Air checks carry-on bags and denies damage claims

Date: 24 Sepetember 2011
Location: Bellingham, WA
Airline: Allegiant Air, flight 278

This complaint is against Allegiant Air flight 278 dated September 24th 2011; flight from Bellingham, WA to Las Vegas, NV. The flight attendant inappropriately handled our carry on baggage to checked baggage on the plane without notifying us in advance.

Our carry on baggage has been scratched extensively and our 2 cell phones inside the carry-on have been malfunctioned after this incident. We reported this immediately at the airport and pursued the compensation for the carry-on and our two cell phones when we were back from vacation.

However, Allegiant Air claimed the carry on bag was just "minor" damage (Which we showed them the picture of our carry-on at the airport as well as picture through email)  and the malfunction of cell phones were unrelated to this; we found Allegiant Air didn't commit this fault which entirely made by them and didn't even take any further investigation and just gave us 2 $65 next flight voucher in order to settle this without paying attention what their customers lost from this incident!!!

Details of this complaint:
The flight we took through Allegiant Air on September 24th 2011; flight no 278 from Bellingham to Las Vegas . We have 0 checked bags and 2 carry-on.  My husband and I was at different section and when I tried to handle my carry-on to the top compartment ; a female flight attendant yelled to me said she could handle my carry-on for me ; she took my carry-on and asked me to go back to the seat. The flight attendant didn't tell me how to handle my carry-on and I thought at that time she just found some other vacant compartment on the plane to accommodate it.

After the plane arrived Las Vegas and I asked the flight attendant of my carry-on ; surprisingly  she told me I needed to go to baggage claim for my carry-on !!!! I was totally shocked at that time as my carry-on was a almost new and glossy colored which can't resist to any throwing and scratching and all my electronics were on the carry-on !!! My husband and I rushed to the baggage claim to wait for our poor carry-on ; and we found it was devastatingly scratched during the rough handling from the baggage storage area into the baggage claim area.

We reported this to Allegiant Air customer service at the airport and a guy called Jonathan gave us a Damaged Baggage report C 137 and we said and reported. When we flew back to Bellingham and back to our home town Vancouver BC, we found our cell phones haven't worked properly and shut down suddenly during calls ( we just bought the cell phones with 3 year contracts with Rogers Communications 1 year ago ) We report to Allegiant Air through email said other than our damaged baggage; our 2 cell phones also malfunction because of this incident.  There is a guy called Denise communicating with us for the claim ; at the beginning he asked the claim amount, all the receipt, pictures and evidences.

We gave them all and explained the situation in details. However, at the end, he said the claim department said the phones would not be covered because what he said at email " the on working phones cannot be related to the damage done to the bag, the bag has some minor damage but not such that the contents would be damaged; especially two cell phones within the bag and no other contents were damaged "  We were so furious when we received this comment as we found Allegiant Air just tried to shift back the responsibility back to us and thought we wanted to take an advantage from them !!!!

Firstly , we had two cell phones plainly placed on carry-on without extra protection ; we had two cameras with extra protection camera bag on the carry-on ; we had oneGPS with GPS bag on the carry on and we had some clothing on the carry on too. We reported to Allegiant air the malfunction of the two cell phones; we reported the two cameras seemed have no problem because of the camera bag; we report our GPS having little problem like very slow motion and didn't response sometime but we can accept even
without compensation; clothing? For sure no problem for checked bag.

Secondly, supposingly that was our carry on and all electronics items could be safely protected ; however, it is totally the flight attendant's fault that put our carry-on to be a checked bag without telling us !!! Should Allegiant Air responsibility for all the consequence ???? The last but not the least, we showed them the pictures of our scratched bag and it is 80 % of our carry-on  has been scratched by the throwing through the transportation ; can you image your cell phones dropped at least 5 times on the ground and still functioning properly ??? We don't think so...

As an airline company and has taken customers' complaint at 1st place ; we feel very disappointed and frustrated . We really want someone can help us in this issue and help us to get back the compensation which we deserve to get. Thank you .


13 May 2012

First class prices with second class speed

Date: 15 March 2012
Airline: US Airways, flight 959
Location: San Francisco, CA

My compannion Ana xxx and I bought round trip first class tickets Miami-Charlotte-San Francisco-Charlotte- Miami on US Airways at a cost of about $1,500 per person. On the return trip, US Airways San Francisco to Charlotte flight 959 was delayed, partially due late arrival and the rest due to an extremely slow boarding process aided by poor airline personnel direction/supervision, requiring over 40 minutes for a mid-sized Airbus A321 aircraft.

As a result we arrived at Charlotte 5 minutes BEFORE the Charlotte to Miami connecting departure. We ran to the Gate which was close to the arriving gate getting there at 10:22 pm, two minutes past departure.

We were told the flight had actually left the gate several minutes BEFORE regular departure time of 1020 pm (Flight crew decision). In other words not only did US Airways made no effort to protect connecting passengers by a couple of minutes, the aircraft actuall blocked off BEFORE departure sked time.

We were rerouted to next morning flight to Miami, downgraded from first class to economy and were denied overnight accommodations.

We asked for a refund for the Charlotte-Miami difference between first class and economy and were refunded $31 for each passenger, a total of $62
which obviously is too low.

We are requesting an upward adjustment in the refund to reflect the difference between first class and economy for the Charlotte-Miami flight segment plus a refund for the hotel ($55). US airways conveniently blamed the delay on ATC and weather, ignoring the incompetent boarding process in San Francisco.

- Ramon

11 May 2012

How good is a airline ticket credit if it is hard to use?

Flight Date: 5 June 2012
Airline: United, flights UA258 and UA785

I had a $479 ticket credit, due to a flight that I did not make in August, 2011. I was informed that there would be a $150 change penalty, but that I could book another flight within the year with this credit.

When I made a $320 flight reservation (for a [domestic] flight departing June 2012), my understanding was that with the $150 penalty, the total cost would be covered, with about $9 left over.

Instead, when I received my e-ticket it indicated that the $150 change fee had been charged to my credit card. When I called to report the mistake, I was informed that their policy required them to make this charge, but that I still had a $150 credit for a future flight.

When I asked that the penalty be taken out of the money they already had from me, my request was refused as "against policy." When I requested a waiver to the policy because it creates a financial hardship for me, my request was (quite rudely!) refused. The agent refused to give me his name, other than "John."

This policy seems unfair and unjust--simply a way for the airline to manipulate passengers into booking another flight with them. I believe this policy should be overruled by airline regulators.

10 May 2012

Flight attendant won't deal with vomit on seat belt

Date: July 30, 2011
Flight: Continental flight 1693
Location: Seattle, WA

My husband and two children were traveling home from a wonderful trip to Washington and Canada with a return trip to Houston, Texas.  Our trip home put us on Continental Airlines and from there things went down hill.

My son took his seat in 34A, the window seat and suddenly stated, "mom the belt and seat has vomit on it." I told my son to stand up and I called the flight attendant, which was only a few feet away, because for some reason Continental shoves anyone with kids, mine being almost adults to the back of the plan with young families and babies.

I quietly advised her of the situation, she showed no concern or compassion, much less did she offer to assist to clean the mess. I told her it was a biohazard, gross and nasty. She quickly stated this flight is overbooked and suggested that if we didn't like it we could get off.

She quickly walked off with no suggestion of helping.  I instructed my son calmly to go to the restroom and clean off his hands and shorts. When he exited the restroom he overheard the attendant calling someone, I'm assuming the pilot telling him that, "I'm not dealing with that woman, she's rude and getting on my nerves."

My son returned to his seat very upset and advised me of what he heard.  The cleaning crew arrived he also seemed to be upset and had a nasty attitude, replaced the cushion and belt and walked off. I asked politely what the flight attendants names was and in a very nasty, put out attitude she stated, "Grace." I then requested her last name, she quickly removed her name badge from view and stated she didn't have to provide her last name.

She then marched off, however at the same time another attendant was standing a few feet away listening in and also made the comment, "I'm not dealing with her either."  The blond's name was possibly Cynthia but we were never told since both Grace and Cynthia removed their name tages from view.

At no time did any of us raise our voices or show disrespect only conern for our son's exposure to biohazard.  Within a few minutes, a ticket agent came down, Janny, she wanted to know if ever thing was alright and suggested that the pilot was concerned that we would act out, we never presented any such threat. She also suggested the underlining threat of if you don't like it get off, we're overbooked anyway.


09 May 2012

Gate agents don't smile like they used to

Date: 22 April 2012
Airline: United Flight 5155e
Location: Newark Liberty

Flight had been announced to be delayed by two hours, and as I waited, I must have missed hearing an announcement that it was back on time. When I discovered the plane was boarding, I walked up to the gate to verify, and told the gate lady that I thought the flight wasn't leaving for a couple of hours.

She shortly responded that she had announced that the plane was back on schedule. I told her great, thank you, sorry I missed that, and smiled. She turned away rudely, so I handed her my boarding pass, smiled again warmly and said, it's okay, smile.

She responded: I don't have to smile to YOU!

I told her that I apologize for not hearing her but we can still smile and enjoy the day, and she refused to talk to me. Her coworker or supervisor watched and said nothing.

- Deana

08 May 2012

Airline makes booking mistake and makes passenger pay change fee

Date: 26 April 2012
Airline: Spirit

This is ridiculous!

On Thursday night (26 April 2012) I booked my regular r/t (round trip) from DTW (Detroit, MI) to ACY  (Atlantic City, NJ) on Spirit and TODAY (Saturday 28 April 2012) received the confirmation in my box that Spirit REVERSED my cities! Note that I book this regularly and remember putting in the correct cities:

TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2012
Atlantic City, NJ; 5:00 PM; flight 348
Detroit, MI 6:50 PM

TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2012
Detroit, MI 8:10 AM; flight 341
Atlantic City, NJ 9:42 AM

They have me leaving ACY on 5/22 to DTW rather than DTW to ACY!  So I phone them immediately and they say it's past 24 hours (I JUST got their email today!) so they want to charge me $125 for a $136 ticket, for something that was THEIR error.  

Waiting for an hour, supposedly I was handed from supervisor to supervisor, with a man named Anbre Davis telling me that there was no way he could fix my ticket, and that I should just email customer service and even then, after I checked the address with them, they gave me the wrong address.  This isn't fair.  I deserve for them to fix their computer error without a charge.  

Please help me get my complaint through to their higher ups AND put in my complaint that their customer service is a big run around.  They just reiterated their unfair rules.  I didn't make the mistake-- their computer did! Thanks!

- Marcy

07 May 2012

Paid for special seating but did not get them

Date: 17 March 2012
Location: St. Maarten

On March 17th I was on standby through my son-in-law John xxx. I understand when on standby you may not be able to get on a flight and this did happen. However, 4 of the seven did get on the flight only to find out later that there were 5 avaialbe seats on the flight and the remaider of three ended up purchasing tickets costing 561.00 plus rent a hotel room to leave the next day. (Missing a day of vacation).

I decided to purchase 7 tickets on our return flight from Saint Maarten instead of stand by the tickets costing $525.00 for six on one flight and the other person John Stefano ticket cost $825.00. Why the difference I certainly did not understand.

In addition, I paid for selective seating for my daughter and our 2 ½ and 6 year old granddaughters so they could sit together(59.00 each) this never happened when we got on the plane the three of them were in different seats and not together. I stayed in the isle before the plane took off waiting for seats where at least the 2 /1/2 year old and the mother could sit together.  Finally after 15 minutes and delaying the plane the flight attendant was able to convince someone to move. Why did I pay for selective seating online that was not available. Needless to say, this was a horrible experience for us  and not at all any way to treat customer on  a flight. Also, our luggage was lost and ended up in St. Maarten since we never made it on the stand-by flight and had nothing with us when we had to stay at the Marriott.

- Vicky

06 May 2012

Gate agents speak ill of passenger behind his back

Date: 26: April 2012
Airline: US Airways, flight 1760
Location: Charlotte, NC

I traveled from Cincinnati (flight 2709) to Charlotte (flight 1760) to Hartford, CT on April 26, 2012.  When I arrived at the airport in Cincinnati, I was instructed that I was being put on an earlier flight because of weather in Charlotte. The agent printed me two boarding passes that displayed my reserved seat numbers.  I arrived in Charlotte and was at the gate for over an hour before the flight left.  When I went to board the plane, the agent scanned my boarding pass and asked me to step to the side where the agent Ron would assist me.  

The agent punched a couple of keys and said, "Oh my…looks like you won't be getting out of here until the next flight.  You can have a seat over there. The next flight isn't until 8:30 pm. Looks like you have a few hours to wait." I said I purchased the ticket in February, my boarding pass indicates I have a seat and that I needed to be in Connecticut by 6:30 pm. He simply looked at me and said, "I don't know what to tell you." I questioned how they could give my seat away when I had a boarding pass with a reserved seat.  

The supervisor then brought up a separate conversation about the gentlemen before me and how they should have called the police and had him arrested because he became upset that they gave his seat away. I overheard that conversation, and the gentlemen they were referring to was NOT rude.  He simply was asking questions to understand how they could give away his seat and downgrade him when he was clearly a gold member frequent flyer.  

After he boarded the plane, the supervisor (older women, gray hair, heavy set around 5 feet 3) continued to bad mouth him in front of all the customers; threatening how she was going to take care of this situation; how the agent should have called the police and have him 'thrown' off the plane, etc. 

I was appalled by their behavior and the lack of respect they were showing this man. This type of issue should not be discussed at the counter where everyone can hear. It should be discussed in privacy to not discredit and disrespect customers when they aren't there.

I felt threatened that the supervisor was indirectly warning me that if I kept asking questions, they would call the police on me if I didn't just say okay and had a seat. I never raised my voice nor was I rude. It was critical that I was in Connecticut as originally planned.  They clearly overbooked the flight, but they never asked for volunteers to give up their seats.    

Again, I told the agent how important it was that I be in Connecticut by 6:30 and asked if they could please see if there were any empty seats.  He proceeded to tell me all his problems; demonstrated frustration through verbal and non-verbal expressions and repeated twenty times it wasn't his fault.  The lack of accountability, poor customer service and unprofessionalism this gentlemen and the supervisor continued to demonstrate was ridiculous.   

I eventually got on the plane, which the agent and the supervisor proceeded to act as though they did "ME" a big favor. I fly every week to a different state with my job.  I will NEVER fly US Airways again and I will be sure to share my experience with the travel department. The CEO Letter by Doug Parker states "Doing Our Very Best". If that is what they consider their very best, perhaps they should benchmark against Southwest and how they treat their customers.  Southwest is one best airlines I have ever flown.

US Airways need to remember without customers flying their airline, they wouldn't have a job. Customers should not be threaten with the police because they are simply inquiring why their seat was given away with no effort for resolution, compensation or accommodations.

- Brenda

04 May 2012

Offshore telephone customer service agent can't understand a customer

Date: 27 March 2012
Flight: United, flight UA1010
Location: Newark

Original Message
To whom it may concern,

I have been using Continental Airlines for most of my adult life (living in NJ near your Newark Hub), and never have I encountered such problems as last night!

It began when my company asked me to book a flight to Florida for an emergency client meeting schedule in 2 days. My wife booked the tickets as she normally does, but this trip we would also be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary, so she would accompany me. As per normal, we checked in 24 hours before flight time to try and upgrade our economy seats to first class…special trip.

When I tried to do that, the "system" said I wasn't yet ticketed, so 1st class options weren't available to me (6 seats were available).
Frustrated by that I tried to refresh the screen repeatedly figuring the system has my money, the bank verified the $929.20 plus a $1.00 charge had been withdrawn so it must need to "catch up".

After several attempts, still no ticket, although the "system" allowed me to change my seats from row 40 to row 22, it still said I wasn't ticketed…strange.

I tried the "chat" but that didn't address this problem and kept trying to direct me elsewhere…automated mischief. Ironically, I work the "Chat line" for our ClipTraining company, real people chatting with clients imagine that, no automated mischief!

After wasting precious "upgrade opportunity" (now only 3 seats available in 1st class) I decided to "go live" what a mistake that was. The auto attendant told me my wait would be 30 minutes, 2 hours later a totally inept person who must not have ever booked a ticket herself tried to help me, but after repeatedly having to "speak with a supervisor" she failed miserably to resolve the issue.

In total frustration I requested she just let me speak with the "Supervisor" myself and cut out the "middle man" (woman).

"Marian" (really?) was equally inept and then as she is actually re-assuring me my debit card would not be "charged a 2nd time" despite my suspicions, it happens! My wife was on the banking site trying to prove the money had been taken out of our account and she sees another $929.20 taken! Now the Airline is "holding $1858.40" of my money and still I have not been ticketed!

I'm not prejudiced, but I really don't think the Pilipino Call center works very well I really think it would be worth it to allow problem calls to be escalated to an American call center where there is a shot these people have actually booked a ticket on a major airline and have some clue as to dealing with customers.

At this point, I don't know if I am flying out to Florida today to make my Business meeting tomorrow, but suffice it to say I'm not a fan of the merger with United if this is a sample of the new and "improved company.

I hope my experience proves helpful in rectifying some of these problems for your future customers, of which I may not be…


John xxx

United Responds

Dear Mr. xxx;

Thank you for writing us. I'm sorry that you received poor service from our Reservations Department.  It shouldn't matter where your call is handled; the service should still be the same.  I regret it was difficult for you to understand our agent which led to your frustrating experience.

Our offshore representatives receive thorough testing for both proficiency and understanding of the English language.  After passing the proficiency test they are given the same training as our U.S. based agents.  Our calls are monitored for quality assurance and agents receive regular training and coaching to ensure that the best service is offered.

I have forwarded your comments regarding the issues you also had getting your reservation ticketed. Since our completed merger in early March, we are working to get all glitches addressed and working correctly. Your comments will tell us where we still need to improve. We appreciate your business.


Jackie xxx
Customer Care

The Customer Responds to the Response

Dear Jackie,

We actually did have a ticket, although your system didn't acknowledge it until it was too late for me to upgrade. I did make my meeting, thank you for your concern ... but,

You seem to misunderstand, on so many levels…you have a serious problem here ... are you based in the Philippines' also?

The point is…it does matter where the call is handled, if it's not handled properly and you can trace that to a location… especially when the perception is the service is never the same as in the US.

The other misunderstanding you have is, it wasn't hard for me to understand your Philippines based agent (I have a number of Philippine friends) it was impossible for them to understand me, that's why I suspect you are also in the Philippines', their misunderstanding and ineptitude was so much so that they didn't even know they were charging my credit card a 2nd time, while I was watching it happen.

This is not a new problem and I more than most understand the economics behind the company decision to "off shore" these issues. I just think you drop the ball here in not recognizing the need to have a better escalation plan, when your agents are having a problem send it back to the States with an apology and try to fix the problem with someone who really understands.

Another part of their ignorance was clearly shown when they attempted to blame someone else for charging my account the 2nd time…they have the sheer idiocy to say, "maybe it was someone else charging my card" for the exact amount and "they" somehow convinced my bank to list it as United Airlines again!

You have these sessions recorded "for training purposes" you should "go back to the tapes" and let some American call center people advise you of the failures here, because you apparently still don't get it!

As I was at the airport explaining my dilemma to the American woman at the counter, Jennifer was very helpful at straightening things out and getting us our tickets. She did mention her concern as did others we spoke with that the merger has caused many similar difficulties and there have been many problems not getting worked out properly…I would advise you,

Let the Continental Staff work it out…it seems the United Staff are not up to the job!

Not happy with your lack of concern for the demise of a once great airline like Continental.

- John

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From: []
Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2012 1:46 PM
To: John xxx
Subject: United Airlines Case ID xxx

Dear Mr. Duggan;

Thank you for writing us. I'm sorry that you received poor service from our Reservations Department.  It shouldn't matter where your call is handled; the service should still be the same.  I regret it was difficult for you to understand our agent which led to your frustrating experience.

Our offshore representatives receive thorough testing for both proficiency and understanding of the English language.  After passing the proficiency test they are given the same training as our U.S. based agents.  Our calls are monitored for quality assurance and agents receive regular training and coaching to ensure that the best service is offered.

I have forwarded your comments regarding the issues you also had getting your reservation ticketed. Since our completed merger in early March, we are working to get all glitches addressed and working correctly. Your comments will tell us where we still need to improve. We appreciate your business.


Jackie Monroe
Customer Care