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10 May 2012

Flight attendant won't deal with vomit on seat belt

Date: July 30, 2011
Flight: Continental flight 1693
Location: Seattle, WA

My husband and two children were traveling home from a wonderful trip to Washington and Canada with a return trip to Houston, Texas.  Our trip home put us on Continental Airlines and from there things went down hill.

My son took his seat in 34A, the window seat and suddenly stated, "mom the belt and seat has vomit on it." I told my son to stand up and I called the flight attendant, which was only a few feet away, because for some reason Continental shoves anyone with kids, mine being almost adults to the back of the plan with young families and babies.

I quietly advised her of the situation, she showed no concern or compassion, much less did she offer to assist to clean the mess. I told her it was a biohazard, gross and nasty. She quickly stated this flight is overbooked and suggested that if we didn't like it we could get off.

She quickly walked off with no suggestion of helping.  I instructed my son calmly to go to the restroom and clean off his hands and shorts. When he exited the restroom he overheard the attendant calling someone, I'm assuming the pilot telling him that, "I'm not dealing with that woman, she's rude and getting on my nerves."

My son returned to his seat very upset and advised me of what he heard.  The cleaning crew arrived he also seemed to be upset and had a nasty attitude, replaced the cushion and belt and walked off. I asked politely what the flight attendants names was and in a very nasty, put out attitude she stated, "Grace." I then requested her last name, she quickly removed her name badge from view and stated she didn't have to provide her last name.

She then marched off, however at the same time another attendant was standing a few feet away listening in and also made the comment, "I'm not dealing with her either."  The blond's name was possibly Cynthia but we were never told since both Grace and Cynthia removed their name tages from view.

At no time did any of us raise our voices or show disrespect only conern for our son's exposure to biohazard.  Within a few minutes, a ticket agent came down, Janny, she wanted to know if ever thing was alright and suggested that the pilot was concerned that we would act out, we never presented any such threat. She also suggested the underlining threat of if you don't like it get off, we're overbooked anyway.



  1. Flight attendants touch food and serve food. Unlike nurses with rubber gloves and medical training we in fact do not touch vomit any more than we would get the dingleberries out from between your crack. Deal with it. Xanax may help

  2. I had much the similiar response from Spirit Airlines when i sat in vomit on a flight from Vegas to Detroit, actually the entire row was covered. We were forced to clean it ourselves, the plane was booked solid. When we couldn't get the vomit off the belts, they called maintenance. They showed and only replaced one set and not all 3 sets. By the way, the flight attendants offered gloves to the maintenance man but not use while we cleaned. I took them to small claims court in June and won $3000, for their in excusable behavior in dealing with the situation. I attempted for 8 months after the fact to get Spirit to issue us roundtrip vouchers and they refused. My girlfriend and sister-in-law have their date in court next monday over this issue.

  3. Similiar situation happened to my family returning from Las Vegas on Spirit Airlines. I ended up taking them to court in June of this year and won $3000 for the way they handled the situation. My girlfriend and sister-in-law have their day in court this coming Monday! By the way, i attempted for 8 months last year to work it out with them and they felt a $100 voucher was more than enough.