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23 May 2012

Can't fit standard infant carrier in some US Airways seats

Date: 9 May 2012
Airline: US Airways, flight 1247
Location: West Palm Beach, FL

I was traveling with my 5 month old infant son as well as my 4 year old daughter and mother. My father paid for two seats for the infant, one going to Palm Beach and one for the return flight to Philadelphia There was no problem with using the baby carrier on flight down. However, on return flight, attendant said baby had to be buckled into window seat.

The infant carrier did not fit in the window seat and US Airways' attachment seat buckle did not fit around carrier. US Airways neglected to tell passenger that the older planes do not properly accommodate baby carriers on window seats, even though US Airways mandates that babies have to sit in the window seats.

I had to hold my 17 pound baby during the entire trip. Paid for a choice seat for an additional cost. Seat was never used. I am requesting a refund for the unused return flight seat. Lack of communication regarding baby travel requirements was the fault of US Airways, not the passenger.


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