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21 May 2012

United could not coordinate between their own flights

Date: 17 March 2012
Airline: United, flight 727
Location: San Francisco

At San Francisco airport our flight did not board until 1:10 pm (our scheduled departure time was 12:47 pm). We were told in advance that there was some issues with the landing strip and we would be delayed. After boarding late, the plane did not take off for at least another hour.

During the duration of our flight many of us passengers were concerned about our connecting flights. We were told countless times that our flights would be notified of the delay because it was not our fault. When we landed which was no earlier then 9:46 pm we still had to leave the plane and travel across the airport to our next gate, by 9:55 pm.

The flight attendants told all passengers with connecting flights to see the woman at the desk and she would explain to us what we needed to do. When we got to the counter, the woman had no information to our flight to HPX (Fort Campbell, KY), instead she proceeded to help all other customers before looking up in the computer.

Once we had the gate and ran as fast as we could to it, the flight had already left. We got in line to speak with United representatives who were very unhelpful. All they could tell us was that there were no hotels in the area for us, and if we could find one United was NOT going to pay for the cost of it. We were also told that if we wanted food we had to go to another section of the airport, come to find out ALL of the food places are closed.

Not only have I been on an airplane for the majority of the day, but now I will be in an airport for the night. This delay is causing everyone in my party to miss work, a huge inconvenience. We have no where to eat, no where to sleep. No customer service rep will be of help to us. Not one person that is associated to United Airlines has any concern for us 7 passengers that missed our flight to HPX and the rest of the passengers from our flight, who missed their other flights have not been helped either.

I want to make it clear that I will not stop making complaints until I have been taken care of accordingly.


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