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09 May 2012

Gate agents don't smile like they used to

Date: 22 April 2012
Airline: United Flight 5155e
Location: Newark Liberty

Flight had been announced to be delayed by two hours, and as I waited, I must have missed hearing an announcement that it was back on time. When I discovered the plane was boarding, I walked up to the gate to verify, and told the gate lady that I thought the flight wasn't leaving for a couple of hours.

She shortly responded that she had announced that the plane was back on schedule. I told her great, thank you, sorry I missed that, and smiled. She turned away rudely, so I handed her my boarding pass, smiled again warmly and said, it's okay, smile.

She responded: I don't have to smile to YOU!

I told her that I apologize for not hearing her but we can still smile and enjoy the day, and she refused to talk to me. Her coworker or supervisor watched and said nothing.

- Deana

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