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15 May 2012

Late departure plus drunk and masturbating seatmates

Date: August 24, 2008
Airline: American Airlines, flight 1700
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica to Miami, FL

The flight was delayed three hours, they had us on the plane waiting for an hour before take off. There were three teenagers, one took my seat and refused to give it back. After minutes of arguing she left and her two friends stayed behind. The kids were young and drinking beer on the plane, several bottles.

It got to the point were on of them was using the seat to pop open the beer bottle, then he spilled the beer on the plane. The couple proceeded to harass me, by yelling profanities and harassing me over all. Finally, the flight took off after about an hour of just sitting on the landing strip, when all of a sudden the girl went on to masturbate the boy and vice versa.

Our row was diagonal from the flight attendants, whom had already realized the boy was heavily drinking. Well, the girl kept masturbating the boy and things were escalating until finally the flight attendant saw it and did nothing, but stare at me in awe. He got up went to the back and called the attendant closest to the couple and all they did was tell the kids to stop. I was not offered a different seat, the kids were not split up.

All the attendants did was say they were sorry and that I had to complain via email. I assure it was the worst two hours on a plane I have had to encounter. The kids drinking, the beer spilled, the harassing, the profanity and to top it off the masturbation right next to me.


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