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19 May 2012

Suggestions on flying with expensive luggage

Date: 5 September 2011
Airline: Delta, flight DL1923
Location: Atlanta, GA

I am writing to complain about damage caused to my Louis Vuitton luggage which occurred on my journey with Delta Airline on September 5, 2011 from New Orleans to Atlanta on Delta Airlines flight DL1923

On arrival at my destination in Atlanta airport, I discovered damage to my luggage. I express total disappointment in the way my luggage has been handled by Delta Airline. I declared the cost of my luggage at $4,700 and asked your staff to take good care of my luggage when I checked in.

My luggage was badly damaged during a recent flight on your airline and I have been unable to obtain appropriate compensation. Dona Stopper who is claim manager called me on May 7, 2012 asked for the original receipt and I did fax to her on May 14, 2012. However, Dona called me again and asks for more documents. I believed that she just want to run me around until I give up for this claim.


Suggestions from
While nothing can prevent damage or loss to luggage and its contents, there are several things you can do to protect yourself:

- Buy insurance for your expensive travel items
- Consider packing expensive luggage within a larger piece of luggage
- Review airline baggage damage policies to find their reimbursement policies
- If you have a claim, be sure to keep all documentation
- Photograph the condition of expensive luggage before your flight

1 comment:

  1. Why does anyone spend that much on luggage? Who are you trying to impress? Your luggage was most likely intentionally damaged by underpaid airline employees.