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25 June 2012

American Airlines booking error ends up costing a passenger

Date: 16 June 2012
Airline: American Airlines

I purchased a travel package for two on June 16th going from from John Wayne (Santa Ana, CA) to Miami. I specified that I would cancel the trip if I could not get upgraded. I have 190,000 miles with AAdvantage.

She told me that in order to get the upgrade that I would have to purchase the coach tickets and only after that I would be able to contact AAdvantage and get the upgrades. She told me told if I cancelled I would have to pay $150 per ticket. She stated that there were many first class seats available and I would have a good chance of getting the upgrades.

She then booked the flights and I got a copy of my tickets 8:08 am this morning 18 June 2012. I then called Aadvantage and they said there were no upgrades available to 75% of my flights. I then called AA Travel (Lynn)and canceled. She told me I had to eat (purchase) the tickets and pay a $300 fine.

I then spoke to Becky and wanted to know what happened?? She booked the flight from John Wayne to Miami as Booking code K and the return as Booking Code V. Because she didn’t book the first part of the flight as V it now becomes a non-refundable flight. This is not what I agreed too. I was never informed that I would be stuck with the tickets.

I am willing to pay the $300 because I agreed to that. But because American travel took it on their own to change the code and make it nonrefundable they should refund the difference.


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