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26 June 2012

Airline offers five bad choices to passenger with wedding gown

Airline: Hawaiian Airlines

I was trying to get assistance on how to travel with a wedding gown as my carry on. (my daughter is getting married in the Philippines). I spoke with two "so called" service supervisors and these are their responses:
  1. I can hand my carry on gown to one of the crew members and she can store it in a closet but this closet is not always available.

  2. I can store the precious gown under my seat.(so i can rest my feet or even kick it around a few times during the flight)

  3. I can store this oversize garment on the overhead compartment( it will be a big ball of mess by the time we get to our destination, just imagine people constantly shoving their bags in and out).

  4. I can pay for an extra seat for this gown.(they're not kidding!!)

  5. I can checked it in.( I'm afraid it might get lost and then what??)
I just want someone to take this gown and handle it with care just like their own but no one cares from this airline business. Very frustating.

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