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03 June 2012

Witness claims off duty drug use by Spirit Airlines flight attendant

Date of Complaint: 1 June 2012
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Airline: Spirit Airlines

My complaint is about Spirit Airlines hiring drug users and putting passenger safety in their hands. I thought airlines had higher standards for their flight attendants. But Spirit has a FA based in Las Vegas. Her name is [redacted]. I believe she said she's been with Spirit since about March 2012.

Well, I have watched this girl smoke marijuana and take ecstasy a number of times recently while out partying in Las Vegas. All while laughing about how they can (her and her friend who is also a FA) because Spirit nor the FAA ever drug test. And if they do, it's a urine test which they can easily get around with fake urine...which is actually how they passed their initial drug test to get hired.

Is it really the practice of Spirit to hire and allow such druggies to work for them? To put customer's safety in the hands of people like this? Are the safety regulations such as drug testing really THAT easy to get around? I am DISGUSTED and I will NEVER fly that airline again and I will be sure friends of mine that fly Spirit also know this. I believe this is something the FAA should look into and drug test these girls with something more efficient than a urine test.


Notes: has no way to independently verify this claim. Also, this complaint was NOT submitted anonymously. No specific dates were given for the alledged drug use.


  1. it looks more a revange than a serious complaint

  2. They're just flight attendants. If the plane crashes, be honest; what's a FA going to do to save you life...offer you a Pepsi? Anyone can figure out how to open the doors and get out, so let them slam heroine if they want.

  3. They're just flight attendants. If the plane crashes what are they going to do that anyone else with half a brain can't already do? If you can't figure out how to open a door then you probably are too dull minded to live. I say let them slam heroine if they want as long as they get my drink order correct.