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29 June 2012

United and US Airways Ruins Wedding trip to Puerto Rico

Part 1 - Outbound Flights

Date: 29 December 2011
Airline: US Airways, flight 706
Location: San Francisco, CA to San, Juan, PR

Written on 2/1/2012 to the airline: On December 29th, my fiance and I were en route to our wedding in Puerto Rico via United Airlines, where he is a longstanding Premiere member. He surprised me with first class tickets and we were so excited to depart. After hours on the tarmac, they finally offloaded and cancelled the flight to to a computer glitch/ mechanical issues.

The stewards were really nice but had no information; the booking agent at the counter was very rude and pushy - she refused to walk me through multiple booking options and instead, tried to force us to take a red eye to Puerto Rico, leaving SF late at night. Finally, we were able to rebook with an agent on the phone who was helpful.

We were routed through Philadelphia, where we had to spend the night. We were given a very dingy room ar Four Points and two lame $10 meal vouchers that weren't even worth appetizers. This was not how we envisioned the beginning of our wedding trip. On top of this frustrating experience, we missed our first night in Puerto Rico at the Sheraton in Old San Juan, where we had booked with saved points for the occasion that have yet to be refunded. Overall, and despite nicely voicing our frustrations, the United agents we encountered failed to understand the unique circumstances of our trip-- which we had been planning and saving for since 2010.

We are disappointed with our United experience and hope that your customer relations personnel are able to address and respond to our concerns. As always, it is important to give both people and companies second chances, as long as we communicate our frustrations. However, this traveling experience was intolerable and without the appropriate response, I will hesitate to fly United again.

Part 2 - Return Flights

Date: 9 January 2012
Flight: US Airways, operated by United flights 700 and 975
Location: San, Juan, PR to San Francisco, CA

On January 9th, 2012, my husband and I returned from our wedding in Puerto Rico via US Airways, where he surprised me with First Class tickets. Our flight to Washington, DC was just fine, but after four hours of delays for our flight from DC to San Francisco (including hours in the terminal and on the plane and de-icing), our flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues.

A Premiere representative was able to help us re-book for a later flight the same day to San Francisco; however, the flights were not first class. She took our email addresses and old boarding passes and promised to arrange for first class vouchers for future flights. We have not heard from her since. We have tried calling and emailing through your online system. After two weeks, we still have heard no response and are feeling very frustrated. How do we resolve this issue and receive either monetary compensation or vouchers for our downgrade to the main cabin?

Our flight home was a miserable experience. After hours of traveling and exhaustion, our stewardess was horrible. She refused to give me a bottle of water, and I was at the onset of a panic attack. Luckily, an Air Force paramedic sitting next to me was able to help and my husband was able to get my medicine, but I spent a good portion of the flight in tears. The stewardess was very rude, until she realized what was going on- still, she didn't need to behave that way to begin with.

Upon arrival in SF, all of our luggage was lost. We were told it would arrive the following day on the next flight to San Francisco from DC. It did not. We got three out of four bags two days later and the fourth bag arrived 5 days later. The process for contacting US Airways about our bags was arduous, to say the least and extremely frustrating. It required hours of follow-up on our part. Overall, our experience on the second leg of our trip was horrible. We are looking forward to hearing your response to this situation.

I hope that US Airways Customer Service is able to appropriately address these multiple issues. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  1. There is no incentive for the airlines to provide decent customer service......break up the monopolies!