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27 June 2012

Best man misses wedding and Delta owes compensation

Date: 17 May 2012
Airline: Delta, flight 2
Location: Dusseldorf, Germany

Letter to Delta:

We have received the Transportation Credit Voucher. This is not the compensation that we were promised by the ticket agent at Dusseldorf. We printed a copy of Regulation EC 261/2004 from your website which clearly states that when a reserved flight originating in the EU (European Union) is cancelled by Delta, we are eligible for a 600 Euro (about $760) compensation per passenger.

We had to wait until the next day to catch another flight. One member of our flight missed part of his brother's wedding (he was the best man by the way) due to the cancellation. The regulation also clearly states that the compensation will be paid in cash or electronic transfer. Only with our written consent should we be compensated with travel vouchers and if
so, the Transportation Voucher amounts will be higher than the cash amounts.

The $200 credit per passenger is obviously not according to the terms outlined by the regulation. Please issue the 600 Euro credit per passenger rather than the travel vouchers.

It is important to note that the flight was not delayed; it was
cancelled. You mentioned in your email that it was delayed by 4.36 hours. There was no Flight 25 that day and we were forced to catch another flight the following day.

Also, we did not receive reimbursement for the taxi fare to the hotel or back to the airport the next day. We have our receipts and we turned them in by mail to Delta. We have not heard back from Delta about the taxi reimbursement.

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