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07 June 2012

American Airlines does little to help after canceling flight

Date: 7 June 2012
Airline: American Airlines, flight AA2401
Location: Dallas, TX (DFW)

I would like to file a complaint regarding AA lack of assistance for my parents and aunt (record locator [redacted]) to get them to their connecting flight LAX due to your canceled flight 2401 today, 7 June 2012. Final destination is Phnom Phen, Cambodia (international flight).

They were looking forward to this trip to visit their homeland after 10yrs of leaving it. But thanks to AA, their happiness have been drained from them.

It is in their policy to provide them assistance because they are the one at fault, all of sudden they canceled the 6:50am flight. Their policy is stated here

Basically my parents and aunt ran around like puppets at the airport today because they are unwilling to help find another flight for them, lugging with them all the boxes and luggages. AA send them back to Asiana Air but Asiana Air sent them back to you (AA). It doesn't matter what the reason why AA canceled their flight but the way I see it is that since AA is the one who canceled their flight (not Asiana) then AA should be the one to provide further assistance to get them on the next available flight out, if not today then tomorrow or the next day. I never heard of such nonsense that they cannot do anything what-so-ever!

AA have lost my whole family as a customer and we will never ever fly with them again for as long as we live. This company needs to shut down because they are in the business of customer service but they provide lack there of.

- Teri


  1. The flights yesterday in Dallas were awful. I understand that they can't control the weather but OMG you can do better than what you did last night. My 19 year old daughter has been sitting in that airport since 2:00 pm on Wednesday the 6th. As of an hour ago, she still have a flight to LAX. No luggage as it was shipped they think this morning to LAX. Sat on the plane for over an hour last night at midnight and then they cancelled the flight all together. Left the luggage and told them they would have to wait til morning to rebook their flights. She has finally got a flight to Orange County that was suppose to leave at 1:30. She has to then find a way to get to LAX to get her luggage if it is there and then proceed to her location. We will never book a flight with this airline again, NEVER.

  2. Had a very bad experience with AA - gate changed about 1.2 hours before the departing time. When I retuned to the old gate 30 min before departing, my flight number was up there. So I sat down and relaxed myself , while waiting. About 15 min later, heard some broken MSG from the speaker "... Flight zzzzzz... Lady zzzzzz... " people all laughed at it, so did I. Did not think that was for me. Then 5 min to the departing time I realized that sth was wrong. Rush to the new gate and it was too late. They rebooked me for next day but refused to pay the hotel. When I told the manager the problem with the broken MSG, he showed that look of "I know you are lying!" and said (in a sarcastic tone) "ok. But the other passengers all made it!" wha is his point? I intentionally lied to him? And of course he did not believe that I saw my flight number at the old gate either. I was so upset and felt so bad. They have no trust on their customers - and that hurts. I will try all my best to avoid AA for the rest of my life! A bad company will go down eventually.