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21 June 2012

United Partner Airline Issue Ruins Wedding Night

Date: 24 December 2011
Airline: United, flight 2533

I booked a flight for two unaccompanied minors, and paid the additional fees for United to provide an escort. Yet, on Christmas Eve, my children were left stranded in the airport. The partnering airline refused to allow them to travel. I had chosen United because they were the only airline that assured me they allowed unaccompanied minors and provided supervision for a fee. When I contacted the airline to address the situation, the customer service representatives offered little to no help.

I was on the phone for three hours on my wedding night trying to resolve the situation. I was then forced to then purchase an additional ticket for my brother to escort them. United employees' are directly responsible for failing to ensure that purchasing tickets specifically for unaccompanied flights would be accepted through their partners.

This incident not only nearly stranded two young children on Christmas Eve, but ruined our wedding night and honeymoon, as well as left my brother stuck in airports for the Holidays. United still owes me a refund for the escort fees and should be refunding the additional expensed incurred to provide a chaperone. Lastly, I sent their customer service an email and have yet to get any type of response.


  1. You didn't get a response because United Airlines doesn't care. They haven't cared about the customer for years now. Too Bad!