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07 October 2012

Delta forces family into worst seats on the plane

Date: 9 April 2012
Airline: Delta Airlines, flight 3482
Location: Atlanta, GA

My family of four flew Delta to Savana, GA for Easter vacation this year. On our return flight, our seats were changed at the boarding gate from rows fourteen and fifteen to row nine without explaination. Upon boarding the plane, our orginal seats and new seats were occupied. My family and I were forced to sit in the last row of the plane, row twenty. The flight attendents made no attempt to resolve the problem.

Overhead storage and leg room were occupied in two of our seats by "flight crew" baggage, no window seat, the last row was next to the engines and restroom where every passenger slammed the door and we were last to receive in-flight services. I contacted both Delta's president Ed Bastian and CEO Richard Anderson who arrogantly and insultingly sent me flight vouchers for future flights on their pathetic airline when I requested a refund of the flight.


Note from Unfortunately, in the US airlines are allowed to make these kinds of last minute changes without penalty, and are not required to provide passengers with any compensation. However, any reasonable person would agree with the passenger that this treatment was unacceptable.

While offering free flight vouchers was a good gesture, it would have been much more effective if the airline had also included a full refund as well as some some kind of apology or acknowledgement of the airline's role in ruining that family's flight.

1 comment:

  1. Except now we know the tail section is the safest place to be on a plane and the further back in the tail section the safer you are. As for the flight crew taking up space for passenger luggage, that's when it's time to ask for the head steward or head stewardess. Because of that - not the seating assignment - there should have been a refund of the tickets because you didn't get all the services you were entitled to. A ticket is a written contract. Delta apparently needs a lesson in their legal department.