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30 July 2013

Understaffed US Airways means more business for Delta

Date: 15 March 2012
Airline: US Airways
Location: Jackson, MS
Flight: 2526

Online materials printed after online check-in were not considered valid boarding passes by TSA.  TSA then refused passage to the gate after a 15 minute wait in line at Jackson - Evers International Airport, Jackson, MS.

I presented myself to kiosk at ticket counter but kiosk was locked out at 30 minutes prior to flight. With 25 minutes left until flight, ALL TICKET AGENTS went to the gate. NONE of the agents would return to the ticket counter until AFTER the flight had left, even though there was still 25 minutes left before the flight. There were NO ticket agents available. ALL COMPETING AIRLINE TICKET COUNTERS HAD MORE THAN 3 TICKETING AGENTS AVAILABLE. There was no way to check for following flight since the flight scheduled was at 0551 (AM) and the customer service center was not open.

I bought a ticket on Delta. When the station manager returned with the ticketing agents to the US Airways counter, I was told, "that's our policy, call customer service." This business model is absolutely anti-customer service. The station manager only employs enough personnel to handle either the gate or the ticketing counter but not both. Any problems within 30 minutes of flight means that the customer cannot resolve that problem in time to make that flight.  Luckily I was able to rely on Delta for my urgent business needs.

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