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07 August 2013

United Airlines makes it very hard to file a complaint

Date: 3 August 2013
Airline: United Airlines
Location: Washington Dulles Airport (IAD)
Flight: 3740

I would like to be compensated for the cost of a car rental. The airline cancelled our flight due to crew issues & I was re-routed 2-hours away from my desired destination (home). I was told to go on line to get a form to file out by the airline--United. This is the only form I was able to access on-line. Please advise if there is another form that I should fill out. - Richard

Note from
We checked out the United site to find their passenger complaint resources, and after an extensive search we did not find anything that looked like either an online or downloadable complaint form. We did, however, easily find a number of resources that described United's rules like the airline's 46-page contract of carriage by using the site's internal search engine.

Using Google's search engine, the closes things we found to a passenger complaint form was a property claim form for lost or delayed baggage, and a a generic form for customer feedback, but nothing that looked remotely like a comprehensive customer complaint form.

What's going on here
Our guess is that United wants to make it hard for customers to complain. If you have a complaint about United's service, we suggest that you take matters into your own hands by writing up your complaint and sending it to any United office that would accept your email or mailed in form. We also suggest forwarding your complaint to the US Department of Transportation, and to any other place that you think is appropriate.

We suggest that you visit's complaint resources page at for suggestions on how to file a complaint. You may also want to download the Complaint Guide, which provides airline passengers with insights on how to effectively complain to their airline.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks very much for sharing this information. My husband and I have both been victims of United Airlines' poor service and refusal to take responsibility for its actions. For anyone interested, we've started a petition against the company here:

    We hope this will help bring about some change and improvement within United Airlines so that future consumers do not fall victim to them the way we did.