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09 November 2009

Passenger Claims to Be a Victim of TSA Civil Rights Violation

This complaint was sent in by J.R. about an incident that allegedly took place at the Albany, NY airport on 10 October 2009:

First off. I arrived at the airport in Albany, New York. I went threw the security check point and was singled out because I am gay. Then when I asked nicely for the mans name and badge number he laughed and gave me nothing. I asked again for his name and badge number. He never gave it and ordered me to step threw the air sensor to check me for explosive residue. I asked to speak to his manager, boss, or who was in charge of him. Still nothing was given except his first name. As an employee of the federal system of TSA he is by LAW REQUIRED TO TELL ANY PERSON HIS NAME AND BADGE NUMBER WHEN ASKED BY ANYONE!!!! I was not given said information and I am really upset with the actions they took and the information they did not divulge the requested information. Responds
While no one at has any legal expertise in this area and won't address whether TSA employees are required to provide their name and badge number. However, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is clearly not tolerated by the TSA. According to the TSA web site, If you believe that you have been discriminated against by a Transportation Security Administration employee on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation, you may submit in writing an explanation of the complaint, including: the name of the airport, your flight information, the date and time of the incident, and if possible the name of the employee to:

Transportation Security Administration
Director, Office of Civil Rights
601 South 12th Street - West Tower, TSA-6
Arlington, Virginia 20598
Attn: External Programs Division

If you need additional information, you may contact the Office of Civil Rights toll-free at 1-877-EEO-4TSA (4872). If you leave your name, number and the best time to call you back, someone will return your call.

In addition, recommends that you document as best as possible the circumstances of your incident. Visit the complaint page for further suggestions.

1 comment:

  1. I have a story I am trying to get out... I work at DFW International airport- at a restaurant inside the airport. Everyday I have to go through TSA. I have worked at the airport for many years and I am very well-liked by my restaurant, other restaurants there and by certain TSA agents who know me. Lately, TSA has incorporated “random searches”. When people walk through the scanner one is chosen “randomly” every so often… this includes people who work at the airport.

    Last week, I had a verbal altercation with TSA because they “chose” me to “randomly” search- called it an "Administrative Search". I objected on the grounds they were violating my Constitutional Rights to travel freely unmolested, to provide a living for my family- life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and search and seizure. I carry a “Freeman’s Writ of Right to Travel” with me all the time. I also carry an “Affidavit of Reservation of Rights”, which clearly STATES anyone who violates my rights will be charged a violation fee of my liberty in the amount of $250,000 per incident. I showed that to them, and the TSA manager, Greg, said he didn’t have to read my “paper”. I also told them verbally I reserved all of my rights under UCC 1-308 and I did not enter into any verbal, imaginary, assumed, or silent contract with them, and that they could be sued under that law. It did not matter. The TSA refused to let me into the airport to work and are trying to have my badge revoked, which means I will have my job taken from me without reason. I have also further discovered that they are investigating me for being a Terrorist, since I spoke about the Constitution and about UCC.

    I have been told I need to file a “Notice of Injury” and “Violation of Human Rights”, and I plan to do so.

    I am also planning to send each individual involved (as I wrote down names and titles) a Commercial Affidavit and a Notice and Demand that they have violated my Constitutional Rights under UCC law.

    And, BTW, can ANYONE tell me exactly how many bombs the TSA has actually found and STOPPED from going into the airport??? ZERO... And they did NOT keep me from going to work because they felt I was a terrorist. They did NOT keep me from going to work because they felt threatened or they suspected anything at all. It was simply a gross misuse and abuse of authority.