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15 October 2010

Want to Share Your Airline Change Fee Horror Story?

Have you been one of the many thousands of passengers who received an unexpected change fee from your airline? Have you been so upset that you wanted to tell your story to someone? Now you have your chance to tell your story to more than just your family and friends., working with the Kaplan Casting, would like to hear your story.

Kaplan Casting is looking for documented cases of passengers who have been charged unexpected "change fees" by their airline. Kaplan is very interested in business travelers and families, but will consider anyone of any age or background for a television commercial. If you are chosen, you will be paid Screen Actors Guild (SAG) rates for your time on the set.

What to do to be considered
To have your story considered, you have to have some kind of documentation of the airline change fee, and must provide us with basic details about the flight. If you are interested, you have two choices. You can either fill out the form at the bottom of this article and submit it to, or you can contact Kaplan Casting directly at

In your email, please include the following:

1. Your name (first and last) and age
2. Phone number
3. City/State where you live
4. Description of your change fee story, including when it occurred and what documentation you have to show change fee charges

If you like, you can also send Kaplan Casting a photo (JPG) or audition video (quicktime).


  1. Get away from Hawaiian Air

  2. United/Continental is one of the worst airlines on the planet. it is all about money and nothing about customer service.