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27 June 2013

Passenger needed bag loading help injured while loading bags

Date: 28 May 2013
Airline: Korean Air
Dear whom or who may concern,

My name is Judy xxx, I would like to file complaints and report mishandling the situation. On May 28, 2013 while I was shipping the baggage from the Korean Air Counter, I had an injury to my face. I have a 4cm laceration on medial aspect of Left Eye which also penetrated to 0.5cm dermis. Which scarred-in and which needs a further medical attention.
As a customer to Korean Air, I am very furious about the situation that was happened and how was handled. We paid for the service and customer care however on May 28, 2013, the services from the Korean Air Counter agents were horrible and how Korea air agents handled the situation was unacceptable.
While I was shipping the baggage, I asked the Korean Air Agent to help me to load the bags into checking loading belt but the agent response was, "we cannot help you because it is our protocol." As mid-aged female with osteoporosis and arthritis, lifting the 50lb cargo bag was very hard. However, all the agents were just staring at me and no one offered to help. While I was loading my 3rd bag I fell to the floor because no one offered to help. 
After the injury I had an unstoppable blood dripping from my forehead.  I was in shocked and still no one offered to help.  The blood was all over the Korea air counter. Still no one offered to help, I kneed down and I even cleaned the blood dripped the on the Korea air counter.
I finally boarded and was furious. After the incident the follow up with Seoul Korea air customer was horrible and terrifying. They did not offer any help and you are on your own. 

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