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22 April 2012

Delta ineffective lost bag process

On December 30 2011, my girlfriend and I flew WestJet from Winnipeg to Phoenix and then flew Delta from Phoenix to Los Angeles. When we arrived at LAX, we waited over an hour at the baggage carousel but to no avail.

We then asked the Delta baggage employees what to do from there. They were rude and of little service until finally they said to check with Delta Lost & Found. After making our case to Delta Lost & Found, and coming to the conclusion that our baggage was either delayed or lost, we were given a File Reference Number to use in tracking our baggage. When I first called Delta's Baggage division, it turns out that the FRN was incorrect - the last three numbers were completely off - but fortunately we were able to use the baggage tags to move forward.

Let it be known that at no point throughout this ordeal has Delta called me to inform us about any updates with the baggage. Any and all communication has been initiated by me.

After two days of calling Delta for updates, one of the two pieces of baggage (my girlfriend's) was found and available for pickup. There was no update on my own baggage, however. When I arrived at Delta's LAX terminal to pickup the one piece, I asked Delta's Lost & Found if I could have the baggage employees near the carousel look for my own. After having to deal with further rudeness and indifference, and clarifying that I had permission from L&F to have them look through the bags for mine, the Delta employees began to look. Unfortunately, they were haphazard and lackadaisical about going through the bags - I have an admittedly generic looking black wheeled soft/hard case by Leisure - seeming reluctant to go through every piece of black baggage they had. Frustrated by their obvious reluctance to assist me, I had one of the Lost & Found clerks to assist. Unfortunately, she too did not find my baggage. I left LAX with my girlfriend's baggage and a new FRN for my own.

Now, because of my girlfriend's baggage being found, the case for our baggage had been closed. After clarifying my own baggage is still lost, the case had been reopened Delta assured they they were continuing to search for my baggage, but that I should begin filing a claim for my baggage. I then filed and submitted my claim online. (I find it strange I was never given a confirmation email from Delta; whether that's intentional or not, it's bad form for any online business/transaction to not leave a confirmation receipt via email.) A few days after the submission, I noticed that Delta closed the case once again! I called their baggage department, who told me that once the claim has been filed they close the case. I was assured, however, they are still looking for the baggage (as they apparently have been and will continue to do until 120 days since the original incident.)

The communication and competence I have experienced from Delta in this matter has been atrocious. It is January 11th, thirteen days since my baggage was first reported missing, and it seems as if most of the attempts and effort in fixing Delta's problem has come from me. I demand, quite simply, that Delta gets their act together and either retrieves my baggage as soon as possible or reimburse me for my time, effort, and most importantly, my property.

- Brett

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