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23 April 2012

Slow inflight service or signs of discrimination?

Flight Information
Emirates Airlines
Flight EK512 - Dubai to New Dehli
14 April 2012

I boarded the flight above 45 minutes before the take off. I am diabetic and realized that I have forgotten to take my medicines on time. I request the inflight Crew Ms. Lela for a glass of water much before the aircraft gates were closed for takeoff. She replied that she will get me the water in 2 minutes.

The flight took off and after the seat belt sign was off, I called for her again and requested for the glass of water. She asked me to wait for 5 minutes. After 30 minutes, I took my medicines with fresh lime sweet served on the flight. A diabetic should avoid such sweet drinks.

After another 30 minutes I called for inflight crew again at least 10 times through the button on the handset. Another inflight crew (male) comes to me and I again request for a glass of water. He taught me that the good practice to call inflight crew is to press the button just once and does not provide me a glass of water.

When the drinks are being served, I again request Ms Lela for a glass of water and she says the other inflight crew will serve water to me. Well she was laughing at me. I finally got the glass of water from the other inflight crew when he reached the row where I was seated. Ms. Lela's behaviour and the sarcastic smile was nothing but a racial discrimination.

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