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19 April 2012

Unacceptable Infant Travel Equipment on American Airlines

Flight Date: 14 April 2012

Since we were travelling with our 8 month old baby, we sat in the bulkhead row. Due to early boarding, we were given the only bassinet available for the entire plane. Although the American Airlines website clearly states that the bassinet is for all children under 2 years of age and less than 35 lbs, my 21 lb 8 month old child did not fit in the bassinet and slept with his feet sticking out. 

After securing him as directed on the bassinet instructions, I look up in the middle of the flight to see my child unzipped from the bassinet and on his knees ready to jump out and fall 4 feet on to the floor of the plane. This is UNACCEPTABLE from any company, and even more so from American Airlines. Although the service and quality of flights were extremely poor, I would at least expect that the resources provided by the company were safe. I cannot imagine what consequences would have occurred if I had not looked up in time to grab my son.

It is unconceivable that such lack of safety exists in the child restraint devices provided by American Airlines. How could a company charge $1,200 per seat for a flight and not even provide a safe bassinet? For this reason, I am extremely disappointed. After travelling for years on American Airlines and putting the safety of my loved ones in the hands of the company, I am appalled at what occurred during my flight.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Illenna! I'm going to travel with our 7 month old baby girl and worried about the upcoming flight after reading your description.

    How did you get the seats in bulkhead row, did you request it before hand or you got the seats during the check-in? I am assured that the bassinet can be placed anywhere, which is weird, because isn't it supposed to be attached to the plane somehow?

    I would have gotten the tickets from somewhere else, but I thought that AA had similar bassinet policy as others. I should have checked.