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17 April 2012

Flight Delays Lead to a Loss of a Job

I was living and working in China. I came back to UK on the 15 November 2011 for 6 days for a family funeral. I was due to fly back on the 21 November, the night before I was due to fly the website showed the flight had been cancelled due to high winds and fog around Newcastle airport.

I was unable to contact the KLM call centre on the Sunday night so tried again on the Monday but to  no avail, also  on Tuesday and again I could not get through. the problem to start with at the call centre is if the call waiting is over ten minutes then they ask you to call back later.

The first time I was able to get through was the 23 November 2011. I spoke to the KLM agent and asked him when the next flight was I could rebook, without asking me I was put on hold. then after 3/4 minutes of being on hold I was cut off, totally unacceptable. i was unable to get through for rest of the 23/11 so tried again on the 24/11 were i got through again, I spoke to the KLM agent, told him my query and was promptly cut off. Totally unacceptable. as far as im aware these calls would have been recorded.

The original complaint was passed to KLM who passed on apologies but no more. What hurts the most is that because I was unable to return to china during that week I was dismissed from my position in China. after my final attempt to get through on the 24 November,  I checked my email and read message from my employers telling me as i was unable to return to work i had been dismissed. this has left me without most of my possessions, without a permanent home and utterly disgusted at kl and obviously the treatment from my employer.
I have asked KLM for recompense but they have declined this.

- Ian

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